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March 4, 2018 Newsletter

Let's talk about workout intensity

I spent the past week reading a book on heart rate training. Since the topic if fresh in my mind, this week I want to talk about workout intensity and heart rate training.  As you know your heart is a muscle. When we work out we condition our heart to make it more efficient.  Our heart rate is an indication of not only how hard we are working but also how quickly we are recovering. Which makes wearing a heart rate monitor and the data we can obtain from it very valuable for creating training plans. 

Here's my top reasons you should consider heart rate training.

1) Your resting heart rate in the morning can let you know if today's the day you can go harder or if you need to dial back your workout.

2) You will see improvement within a training cycle. We all like results and using heart rate training will help deliver results.

3) Some of us tend to think we need to workout hard. Heart rate training lets you work out smarter which isn't necessarily harder. Making your workouts more enjoyable.

4) You can see how long it takes your body to recover from intervals which allows you to give yourself enough time to recover.

5) Using heart rate zones for training makes sure you aren't using the same intensity on all of your runs. Varying intensity over your training is key.

I could go on and on about heart rate training, perhaps I should make a short video. Without getting into too many details I'll give you the basics on maximum heart rate (MHR) and heart rate training zones.

To calculate MHR you use 220-your age. This isn't the only way to calculate MHR but to keep it simple we will use: MHR = 220 - age

There are 4 training zones for runners as outlined by Edmund R Burke in his book Precision Heart Rate Training.

Zone 1: Very light or daily activity zone. Conversation is easy and you're not out of breath. You train at 50-60% of MHR

Zone 2: Fitness zone. This intensity is good for strengthening your heart. You train at 60-70% of MHR

Zone 3: The aerobic training zone. The zone for general fitness. You train at 70-85% of MHR

Zone 4: Performance improving zone. You are nearing the point of aerobic training. This zone is 85-100% of MHR

Let me know if you have any questions on heart rate training. This is just a small overview to get you thinking about heart rate training.

Weekly Challenge: Heart Rate

This week's challenge is to start tracking your heart rate. With today's technology most of us have watches that track heart rate. I'm not asking you to change your workouts for the week just track. Monitor your resting heart rate from first thing in the morning. Also monitor your heart rate during your workouts.  After you've collected a week of data you can review to see how you're doing.

Stephanieruns Fitness: Coaching

I design individual training plans for runners including cardio and strength training workouts. I also provide one on one virtual support for my athletes. Soon I will also be offering Running Strategy Sessions, where I will review your training plan and help you make modifications to push forward. Watch this space for more details.

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