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Protect Our Children from Toxic Pesticides Newsletter, January to February 2017
PANAP Calls For Global Governance Of Hazardous Pesticides To Protect Children Beyond 2020

Now more than ever stricter global mechanisms are needed to regulate pesticides globally. PAN Asia Pacific calls upon SAICM in its intercessional process taking place on the 7th to 9th February, 2017 in Brazil to develop a mechanism for global governance of pesticides and phase-out of highly hazardous pesticides, with special attention to the rights and needs of children.

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News,Video's and Articles: Impact of Pesticides on Children

Communities Push For Petition To Keep Pesticides Out Of Schools In Asia

A petition demanding state governments to set up buffer zones around schools to protect children from the effects of pesticide drift was launched on November 20, 2016 on the occasion of International Children’s Day by PANAP and its partners. 

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Five Facts About Pesticides & Cancer

Early December, PANAP and civil society organisations together with cancer survivors and patients among others, convened for a two-day roundtable discussion on Affordable Health Care to address the issue of rising costs due to a healthcare system which places a huge burden on patients and their families which was initiated by Klang MP Charles Santiag

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New Report: Health benefits of organic food, farming outlined in new report

Three long-term birth cohort studies in the U.S. suggest that pesticides are harming children’s brains. In these studies, researchers found that women’s exposure to pesticides during pregnancy, measured through urine samples, was associated with negative impacts on their children’s IQ and neurobehavioral development, as well as with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] diagnoses

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Protect Our Children’s Brains

The EPA had acknowledged for decades that chlorpyrifos can cause acute poisoning and in the early 2000s it had prohibited its use in most home products and reduced the amounts that could be used on some crops. But the 2015 announcement stemmed from the agency’s recognition of mounting evidence that prenatal exposure to chlorpyrifos could have lasting effects on children’s brains.

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Sign the petition : Urge the state governments to institute pesticide-free buffer zones around schools

Schools are meant to be safe sanctuaries for children to learn and grow but terrifyingly children in Asia are consistently being poisoned in these supposedly safe learning environments. In two days our partners across Asia and the Pacific are gearing up towards demanding local authorities to set up a 1 km or more buffer zones around their schools. You help bring about change by supporting them too


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Children fight back agrochem giant Geshuri for violating rights.

The Israeli company Geshuri Complex, suspected to manufacture toxic pesticides, is close to universities and schools serving 11,000 Palestinian students.

Fumes and toxic wastes from the factory has been linked to increased incidence of respiratory problems, headaches, skin rashes and irritated eyes among children. In an ongoing effort to take collective action in defence of their rights, the students of Fatima Al-Zahra’ School have initiated an online petition to demand the EU ban imports from the Geshuri Complex.

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Editor: Deeppa Ravindran, PANAP's Pesticide Programme Coordinator 

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