Hi !
It's December 4, 2016.  How can that be?  I seem to be asking myself that question a lot lately in general..  "How can this be?"  Man, the world sure is a strange place.

Perspective: Use It or Loose It

Lately I've been pacing the cage with a general sense of detached, dissociated numbness. A couple of days ago I puttered on some emails until it was time to go to therapy. I only go sporadically these days (hooray! I'm not in emotional crisis at the moment!) so I knew I should go even though I didn't think I had much to talk about. It turned out to be one of the most productive sessions I've had in a long time. A couple of profound "A-ha" moments of clarity. I left her office a little more in touch with myself and the world. I went to the grocery store to get some fresh ginger, and as I was leaving, there was an employee who walked me out; a tall, striking older man, skin dark as night, wearing a very fetching taupe colored kindof cowboy-pimp hat. I turned and complimented him on it. He thanked me and looked me up and down and noticed my western boots. He said, "hey them is some sharp kicks!" He was enthusiastic and his smile contagious. "Hey rock star, I'll see you on TV tonight!" he pointed at me, as we parted ways, and he shouted across the parking lot, "You my favorite rock star!" I was belly laughing with a combination of silliness, flattery and embarrassment. I floated to my car and ran another errand. While leaving that parking lot, at the stop light there was a family of four begging. Dad played with the two kids, sitting on the grass as Mom stood holding a sign that read, "Refugees. Please help". I didn't have any snacks or water, so I gave them some money, a warm smile, and my blessings. Damn. 

There but for the grace of god go I.

I don't really have a point here. Maybe kindness is the thread. Kindness. Gratitude. Awareness. That conscious pause in the middle of life happening that changes the context. A new angle, as an observer.

A little kindness goes a long way. At least it did for me that day. Pass it on. Tis the season. And by "tis the season" I mean every. single. day.

One of the Lucky Ones

Sure, I live on the poverty line. But I am one of the lucky ones. I have the luxury of superfluous worries. I live in a small one-room palace with central heat and a wireless connection, and kale in the fridge. I have a half-tank of gas in my car right now. I have enough homemade soup in my freezer to last me till next year. I have a couple of real, true friends. And, I have a song in my heart.. even if it's a sad one.

What are you grateful for this winter solstice season?

Art Prints

I've taken a bunch of orders for my art prints!  There are 17 images to choose from on my website, but here are three of my favorites. You can order your very own Art Print on archival art paper today! 8"x10"s all the way up to 70"x62"..  They look so beautiful in print!  Hit "Reply" to inquire.


Oh yeah, I have music you can order too... Right here.

I'll be honest, 2016 has been a rough year.  Many losses, many hardships, much confusion and turmoil, inside and out. And so it is with a hopeful spirit of good riddance that I dust off my hands of 2016 and welcome the new year.  2017, lets do this!

Wishing you and yours a warm years-end and happy holidays, however you choose to celebrate.  Put a little extra kindness in there for yourself, and for someone who doesn't even look like they need it. They probably do, more than you know.

See you out on the road next year, my friend. 

Your loyal fan,