Trump's (in)humanitarian intervention

Ashley Smith | Donald Trump is cloaking his order for a missile strike in Syria as striking a blow against a tyrant, but no one should fall for this cynical charade.

U.S. missiles won't liberate the Syrian people

Editorial | Trump claims he ordered military action in Syria out of "humanitarian" concern, but this same man tried to ban all Syrian refugees indefinitely.

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Complicit in the crimes against the Copts

Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt statement | Once again, Coptic churches are bombed in Egypt, and once again, the military regime of el-Sisi fails to protect Coptic lives.

The resistance will not be branded

Jesse Hagopian | The victim of an unprovoked pepper-spray attack by a Seattle cop woke up find himself part of a Pepsi-mocking meme gone viral.

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Hey Rauner, do your job!

Criage Lynnette Althage | Some 1,500 Illinois state workers and their supporters picketed a fundraiser for Gov. Bruce Rauner to demand that he negotiate.

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