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✿ Ängsbacka newsletter May 2017

  • SACRED WOMB - Our new Women's Festival in May
  • SEXSIBILITY - Theme: Playfulness - Discount until April 30
  • MIDSUMMER - This year also for children
  • NO MIND - Big interview: What is it all about?
  • GEN ECOVILLAGE CONFERENCE- Early Bird until April 30
  • AUTUMN NEWS - Conscious Parenting Festival + Men's Gathering
  • WORK AT ÄNGSBACKA - Vacant jobs and special volunteer positions

Dear festival lovers! We are looking forward to an exciting summer, with an abundant program. Some teachers and artists we are extra proud to present: Peruqouis, David Cates and Sacred Earth will come to No Mind, and Charles Eisenstein and Helena Norberg Hodge will join the GEN conference. And don´t miss the "massive" interview with Magnus Vikström - part of the No Mind team - about No Mind “back in the days” compared to now. Get ready for Magic!

Sacred Womb - Women's festival 25-28 May

"There is a mystery that arises in a room full of women. A mystery we carry in our wombs. We call all women to dive into this mystery – in ceremonies and rituals, through transitions and challenges in life, standing together as sisterhood..."
Read the full Sacred Womb invitation here!

More about the teachers and the program. Reduced price until April 30!

Sexsibility Festival 14-18 June - Playfullness!

★ Johan Ekenberg - Sex – a highway to God
★ Pia Struck - Solo Sex & Orgasm Ceremony
★ Matt Schwent - Tantra
★ Jennie Rehbinder - Love your Pussy!
★ Andy Buru - Kinbaku: Japanese Rope Art
★ Calle Rehbinder - Tantralila
+ 10-15 more workshop leaders and musicians

Read more and book here - reduced price until April 30!

Traditional Midsummer - the Ängsbacka way!

✿ Dariush Matloubi – Circus and Play
✿ Astrid Brinck –  Ceremony, Sweat Lodge and Music. (Preliminary booking)
✿ HBTQ Spirit – Yoga, Dance, Breath Work...
✿ Sara Bonadea George – Old Folk Belief
✿ Kavina Thorslund – Zen Coaching, The Sacred Human

Welcome to relax and enjoy togetherness, nature and yummy food during the lightest days of the year – Midsummer @ Ängsbacka 2017!

This year we focus on inclusiveness and we have a beautiful program for children, youth and adults. We are also extra happy to have the organization HBTQ Spirit visiting us with their inspiring workshops. So come alone or bring family and friends for the Midsummer celebration of life and light!

Read more about Midsummer! – Early Bird until April 30!

A few of our mind-blowing guest for No Mind

Click the image to read more about them!

Interview! Festival coordinator Magnus Vikström on the 20 year journey of No Mind, and the goodies of this year. Take a cup of tea, lean back, and get ready to sink in No Mind’s spirit through Magnus’ words...

GEN - European Ecovillage Conference 16-20 July

Come and join the change-makers, activists, experts, intentional community members, and all of us who dream, hope and act for a better world.
   Keynote speakers: Charles Eisenstein and Helena Norberg Hodge.

It is an invitation to come together and connect – to ourselves, to each other, to the world and to spirit. And from that place let´s share solutions and create strong possibilities for the future.

Be part of creating a sustainable future! - Early Bird until April 30

New major events this autumn!

Conscious Parenting Festival
20-24 September
Naomi Aldort + 10 more teachers

Naomi Aldort is one of the most ground breaking parenting teachers around. She will inspire and support us in being the most authentic parents we can be.

Read more

Nordic Men's Gathering
6-8 October
Alexander Bard, Herman Ottosson, Paul Lloyd Robson, Jakob Kærgaard, Eivind Skjellum, Gustav Högfeldt,  Buster Rådvik

How do you see yourself as a Man and what are you doing with your Manhood?

Read more

Volunteer positions and Job Vacancies

Ängsbacka is maturing, growing, and developing year by year. Now we are looking for new people to be co-drivers and co-creators on our mind-expanding and soul-enhancing journey.
For summer we still have a number of special volunteer roles as assistants and coordinators available. From autumn we have job vacancies (lediga tjänster) as: Kitchen Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Housekeeper, and Product Manager. We are also looking for “senior advisors” within Economy, Human Resource Management and Building/Energy/Maintenance.

And maybe you see that you have skills that we might need – even if we don’t know it yet. Don’t hesitate to write to and introduce yourself and how you want to contribute.


Retreats and Trainings in May and June

From Me to We - Kundalini Yoga Retreat

18-21 May

Vild Växtvandring - Dan Uhrbom
Raw food and eatable plants

2-4 June

Massage Therapist Training - Rasal
Biodynamic rebalancing

2-11 June
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Tiger Singleton, also known as Tigmonk, is an intuitive satsang facilitator who shares insight, wisdom and spiritual teachings from the space of an open heart.

Welcome to satsangs in Stockholm 16-21 May
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