Regency Christmas Traditions

Can you tell I love Christmas?

Only a few more weeks, so bear with me! I drive my husband crazy with all of my Christmas traditions, but it’s only once a year :)

Today I wanted to talk about a few Regency-era Christmas traditions, some of which remain until today. Many of our Christmas traditions actually originated in the Victorian era. In the Regency era, which technically covers the period of 1811-1820 (although many historical romance novels take place within a few years on either side), Christmastide was celebrated as the time between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night.

If you read many Regency Christmas books, you will likely find mistletoe often plays a role, and for good reason, as it was quite popular during the era. There were no Christmas trees at this point in time -- these came in the Victorian era -- however, the Yule log and Christmas candle were lit during the season. Greenery was common throughout the home, particularly rosemary, bay, holly and laurel.

No matter the traditions, the spirit of the season has remained unchanged from this time. What was celebrated in this era, in addition to the religious festival, was a good meal with friends and family, and charity to the poor.

I hope the spirit of Christmas remains alive and well in your home! Head on over to my Facebook page to discuss your favorite Christmas traditions.

Next week on Boxing Day we will unwrap the latest cover of my next book in the Searching Hearts series. Catch up with Quest of Honor and Clue of Affection -- the links are at the bottom. Until then, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!

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Threads of Silk

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When I was a child, I thought my destiny was to live and die on the banks of the Xiangjiang River as my family had done for generations. I never imagined that my life would lead me to the Forbidden City and the court of China’s last Empress.

Born in the middle of nowhere, Yaqian, a little embroidery girl from Hunan Province, finds her way to the imperial court, a place of intrigue, desire, and treachery. From the bed of an Emperor, the heart of a Prince, and the right side of an Empress, Yaqian weaves her way through the most turbulent decades of China’s history and witnesses the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

Fans of Amy Tan, Lisa See, Anchee Min, and Pearl S. Buck are sure to love this debut novel by Amanda Roberts. This richly descriptive and painstakingly researched novel brings the opulence of the Qing Court to life as Yaqian and Empress Cixi's lives intertwine over six decades. 

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Philomena Sweet, Victorian London’s finest safecracker, knows it better than most. The worst rogue of them all, dashing jewel thief Spencer Crane, smashed hers long ago. And now he’s back, fleeing danger from their past. Danger he won’t survive without her help.

She’d love to refuse. She’d kill to stab him with her parasol. But she can’t leave him for dead.

Spencer Crane would sooner steal costume jewelry than ask talented, wickedly bright Meena Sweet for help. He’s well aware she’d rather to dice him into small pieces. He might even deserve it. But revenge stalks them both. He needs her artistry. She needs his skills.

Neither needs the desire that sparks to life between them.

While they dodge criminals, carriages, and the occasional flying cabbage, who will protect these two notorious thieves from each other?

—Meet The Restitution League—
Thieves, rogues, and well-armed adventuresses, the crew of the Restitution League fights injustice while wrestling with love and desire—and the occasional throwing knife—one romance at a time.

And there’s tea.

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She would not be tamed. He would never dream of trying...

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A steamy Celtic Romance with lots of heart!

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