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Today I have a question for you. As you know, I am releasing two versions of each book in my McDougalls series -- a steamy version and a sweet version. To this point, I have released them at separate times. I am wondering, is that confusing for you? Would you prefer to see them come out at the same time? This is definitely possible, it will just take me longer until I can release the book, then, as it takes more time for separate edits, two covers, more promotion, etc.

So I will put it to you in a vote! You can click on whichever button below that you agree most strongly with. If it doesn't matter to you either way, then no need to vote. Thank you!

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Release the steamy version as soon as possible!
Wait and release both the steamy and sweet versions at the same time!

Weekly Reads


Sweet & Wholesome


The Lady and Her Treasured Earl

By Lynda Hurst

Second Chances, True Love, and Mystery
Lady Margaret has grown in character since her brother, the Duke of Prestonridge, married Faith Revelstoke. Margaret hated the Revelstoke family, believing like her father, that their kind were a blight upon the land. But Faith has proven Margaret's assumptions about her family to be false, and Margaret now thinks her brother's wife as more of a sister than a sister-in-law. Further, the mystery of the legacy of treasures Faith's family left behind has uncovered new interests and passions for the still unwed lady.
Unfortunately for Lady Margaret, her brother Devlin will not allow her sole pursuit to be treasure hunting and seeks to see his sister married. Margaret once fawned over Jackson Ellesmere, heir to an Earl and childhood friend to Faith. However, Jackson never returned Margaret's affections, driving her into the arms of other "more advantageous" matches. All but promised to Lord Jeffrey Collingwood, Lady Margaret is on the cusp of both marriage and the answer to the next clue to the Revelstoke treasure.
But both ambitions may soon be dashed. The murder of local girls, including recent murder a lady of the gentry, seemingly intertwine with Margaret's fate while a more mature Lord Jackson Ellesmere has found a new interest in Lady Margaret now that he has seen her in the arms of another.

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The Social Tutor

By Sally Britton

A Sweet and Swoony Regency Romance

After years of escaping etiquette lessons in favor of the stables, Christine Devon’s grand debut in London is only weeks away, though her deportment lacks the sophisticated polish she needs to achieve her goals of a lofty marriage. Desperate to take her place in society, she needs someone to instruct her in proper behavior.

Thomas Gilbert, newly returned from Italy, is ready to begin his dream of founding a horse farm. But during his time away, the estate’s finances have dwindled to almost nothing. Unless he can find a way to save his family from ruin, he will be forced to sell his horses and give up his dreams entirely.

A chance meeting between them may solve both their problems. Christine gains a tutor in the finer arts of polite behavior, while Thomas is given access to the finest bloodlines in England. But as time passes, the arrangement is less about business, and more about love. Will they see it in time, or will Christine leave Thomas behind for the splendor of London’s ballrooms?

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The Reluctant Marquess

By Rose Pearson

The Reluctant Marquess - The Duke's Daughters Prequel

Marquess Hugh Seaworth is far too busy enjoying himself in London to think about matrimony. Despite being next in line to a Dukedom, Hugh wants to get as much enjoyment out of life as he can before he is forced to settle down.
However, his father, the current Duke of Westbrook, has other plans.
When an unknown young lady steps out of the carriage and into his life, Hugh is forced to reconsider his plans for London. Miss Marjory Newton, daughter of Viscount Harrington, apparently needs a husband and Hugh finds himself encumbered with that responsibility.
Having no choice but to help Miss Newton, Hugh quickly presents her to a few suitable gentlemen, only to realize that matters such as matrimony take longer than just a few hasty introductions. The more he becomes involved with Miss Newton, the more he discovers that it is not only his mind that is caught up with her – it is his heart.
Miss Newton, however, shows no inclination towards him and, when one of her suitors proposes, Hugh finds himself caught between his duty and his heart. Which one will win out in the end?

Can the love of a good woman change a man?

“The Reluctant Marquess” is a work of historical romance fiction. It is a prequel to the series, The Duke's Daughters, and is the final book of the series. It is a standalone romance set in Regency era London involving the Duke of Westbrook as a young man. Every book is a guaranteed HEA and there are no cliffhangers.

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Caught in the Middle

By Karen Sommers

Introducing "Caught in the Middle" a Victorian Western Romance by Karen Sommers, and book one of the author's first Western Romance series, The Sheriff's Daughters.

Some of life’s most difficult lessons are reserved for the teacher

When Linda Addams notices one of her students seems withdrawn and forlorn, she begins to worry about the girl’s home life. What she finds on the Calvert farm is a cold home presided over by an equally detached widower who barely has time for his daughter. Something has gone terribly awry in this house, but Linda’s attempts to help only bring further unhappiness. She’s left to wonder how she can possibly bring a little warmth into the life of this child and wishing she could melt the ice around the father’s heart.

Thomas Calvert is trying to start fresh. After losing his wife, and still dealing with everything she put him and their daughter through, all he wants now is to raise his girl in peace. But he doesn’t know how to be a mother. He can’t teach his daughter the skills she needs or adequately show her his love. The demands of running the ranch keep him away most of the time. He shouldn’t get upset with his girl’s teacher for trying to help, but the woman is overstepping her place and he won’t allow someone else to come in and break his little girl’s heart. In the end, though, it may be his own heart he has to worry about.

“Caught in the Middle” is a steamy western romance, and a great read for those who love second chance romance books. The books in this series are standalone romance books with happy endings and no cliffhangers. 

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