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Surprise Fiancés: A Fake Fiancé Box Set

She needs a fiancé for Christmas, so I'll pretend. Hard not to when a gorgeous virg$n walks into your strip club.

5 Amazon top 100 novels full of fake fiancés and bad boy billionaires hot enough to melt your Kindle.

Surprise Package
She needs a fiancé for Christmas, so I’ll pretend. Hard not to when a gorgeous virg$n walks into your strip club. She’s thinks this is an escort service, and that I’m for hire.Man is she in the wrong place.
Top 10 best-seller

I need her to play wife. She needs me to play daddy. Olivia is torture in a Gucci dress. Spoiled and sassy. Everything I hate, and everything I love. She's also my late best friend's sister and guardian to his daughter.
Top 20 best-seller

Faking For Her
I needed a girlfriend, so I bought one. Well, I tried, but Shawna’s not the compliant type. She’s sassy, full of spice, and everything nice. Not to mention a body any man would die for.
But, in Vegas, anything is possible. Because in this town, I’m a boss.
Top 60 best-seller

She’s Mine
Finally, a second chance. Yeah I'm rich, but it doesn't fu@king matter if I'm empty inside.
Harper is the only woman who has ever filled this crater in my chest and she just walked into my resort after 10 years. One look from her still makes me hard in two seconds flat. In high school, I followed Harper around like a dog wanting a bone. 
But I was too much of a di@k to treat her the way she deserved, and now her guard is up.

She can hate me all she wants. We're drawn together like magnets.  And my instincts to possess her are fu@king savage.
This time, she's mine.
Top 20 best-seller

Saving The Bride
I caught them trying to spike her drink. Wrong move. It was a simple negotiation until they took her from me. In my line of business, you sometimes deal with dangerous men.

I've found dangerous women are where the real trouble is. I came to this island paradise to save my business from the mob.
Instead I found Katie. I'll make her my bride, forever.
Top 60 best-seller


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