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Our Facebook group is now live! I’m really excited about having another means to get to know you all better. The group is called, for now, Ellie’s Ever Afters, and is a for all of my readers as well as anyone who loves Regency Romance!

This is a place where we can get to know one another and discuss all of our heroes and heroines, talk about your favorite characters and let us know who you would love to see in future books!

We have a few "themed" posts, but this group is yours to post what you'd like. When you join, you will see a video I made telling you a bit more about me. We would love to hear more about you as well, however you’d like to post it!

I would also just love to know what you think of He’s a Duke, But I Love Him. I am absolutely humbled by all of the amazing reviews and it’s place on Amazon’s bestseller lists. Thank you all so much!!

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Weekly Reads

The Marquess of Temptation

By Claudia Stone

Since her father’s death, Miss Hestia B. Stockbow has been living a lie. Working as a companion, under an assumed name, all she wants to do is keep her head down and forget about the scandalous tragedy that haunts her past.

There’s only one problem…

After two delicious, stolen kisses, the usually icy and aloof Alexander Delaney, Marquess of Falconbridge, finds himself entranced by Belinda Bowstock, a lowly paid companion. When he discovers that she is, in fact, his missing ward, Alex realises there's only one thing he can do:

Marry the chit and help her solve the mystery of her father's suspicious death.
There’s only one problem, Belinda has absolutely no desire to wed the cold Lord Delaney-and she’s not the type of lady to take orders from anyone...even a Marquess.

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The Lady's Smile

By Fiona McKellar

Gelis Ratry left the simplicity of her family's farm to find out what else life had to offer. And what better way to find out than moving in with her aunt Lorna, the innkeeper of a rowdy seaside tavern, The Lady's Smile, situated on the road from Inverness to Aberdeen. Helping out with the inn is certainly livelier than the farm, and dangerous. Gelis handles the daily characters and rough men of the tavern with finesse, but a troop of malicious soldiers might be a little more than she can handle. Thomas Grant is a giant roving highlander. With half of his family lost in the war and the other half lost to the plague, he spends most of his time looking for the next drink. But despite his drinking habit, his heart is searching for a deeper passion. Good thing he shows up at The Lady's Smile just in time to fight off a band of despicable musketeers looking to have their way with Gelis. 

The Lady’s Smile is a 30,000-word adventurous medieval Scottish romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending.

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Finding Hope

By Ruby Hill

A mail order bride is left at the train station by her betrothed. Alone and afraid, Grace is offered a second chance at happiness.

Miss Grace Thackery never believed that she would marry because she thought she was too plain. When a friend gives her a copy of Matrimonial News, Grace has hope that she might find a husband who is not focused on outward beauty, but instead can appreciate the other qualities she possesses.

After corresponding with a man, Grace agrees to move to Montana to get married. However, when her future husband asks for a picture, Grace worries that he will cancel the engagement when he sees her photograph.

An acquaintance convinces Grace to paint her face, add some padding, and wear a wig to alter her beauty for the photograph. Reluctantly, Grace agrees, but harbors a great guilt over being deceitful.

When she arrives in Montana, the man she is supposed to marry leaves her at the train station when her appearance does not match the picture she sent. Alone and scared, Grace does not know what to do next.

Hope is not lost… Grace meets a man that appreciates her looks and her character, but she also knows that allowing herself to have feelings for him will come with many challenges. Will Grace ever have a second chance at happiness?

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Earl of Grayson

By Amanda Mariel

Damien Archer, Earl of Grayson and Lady Charlotte Lawson are opposite in every way. Where his coloring is dark, she has blond tresses and blue eyes. Charlotte’s alabaster skin tone is a stark contrast to Damien’s sun-kissed tan. He is tall at six feet three inches while she is short at barely over five feet tall. Furthermore, her cheerful disposition is in stark contrast to his brooding nature. But most bothersome of all is his tendency to flaunt society’s rules while she follows them without fail. 

Damien desires nothing more than to spend his time carousing, drinking, and gambling while Charlotte spends hers at afternoon teas, balls, and musicals. She is a true lady and he a determined rake. When their paths cross they have every reason to turn in the opposite direction, and yet they cannot seem to avoid one another. Passions flare, putting them both at risk. They stand not only to lose their reputations, but more importantly, their hearts.

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