19 April 2017

The Geopolitical Intelligencer

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Geopolitics & Empire Podcast: How Mexican Presidents Became CIA Agents

Journalist and author Jefferson Morley explains how he helped declassify Operation LITEMPO which was the CIA program to co-opt Mexican presidents as paid CIA agents and what that covert relationship was like. He also reveals his prognosis for the Deep State under Donald Trump.

The Colder War

Will Washington Risk WW3 to Block an Emerging EU-Russia Superstate

MIT expert claims latest chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged

US successfully tests new nuclear gravity bomb

US coalition drops record number of bombs on Iraq, Syria this year: Report

US stealth fighters intercept two Russian bombers near Alaska

How Arctic governance could become a testing ground for Sino-US relations

Unified CSTO Air & Missile Defence System will be created in Central Asia region

New Russian Arctic Military Base

Russia-India drills to involve Army, Navy and Air Force for first time

UN partially grants Ukraine’s demand on provisional measures against Russia

How Western Civilization Could Collapse

The New Silk Road

All roads lead to Beijing. Italy steps up efforts to foster bilateral ties with China

A Look Inside Aktau, Kazakhstan's Other Hub On The 'New Silk Road'

China to gather friends for biggest summit of year on New Silk Road

Why China’s $1 trillion new Silk Road plan is being greeted coolly by the West

China Moves Ahead with Ancient Silk Road Revivial

BRICS sees financing for development as key to carrying out 2030 Agenda

Politics & Deep Politics

History of Iran Covert Action Deferred Indefinitely

Sudanese official defends decision to have CIA office in Khartoum

Leaked Clinton aide email: ‘Al Qaeda is on our side’

Turkey referendum grants President Erdogan sweeping new powers

Financial Crisis & Media

Global debt explodes at 'eye-watering' pace to hit £170 trillion

Why Canada’s Housing Bubble Could Soon Become Your Problem

India launches 75 cashless townships across 12 states

Investors Rage After 3 Billion Yuan Vanish From China's Largest Private Bank

A Lesson in Moscow About Trump-Style ‘Alternative Truth’

Russia launches investigation into US media: report

Energy & Environment

Venezuela's cash-strapped PDVSA offers Rosneft oil stake - sources

Wall Street Is Pouring Money Back Into Shale

The De-Electrification of the U.S. Economy

World’s largest solar+battery project announced in South Australia

Pesticide residues detected in almost all European foods

Surveillance & Technology

Facial recognition is coming to US airports, fast-tracked by Trump

New leak suggests NSA penetrated Mideast banking networks

Courts Are Using AI to Sentence Criminals. That Must Stop Now

Your Kids’ School-Owned Devices Are Spying On Them, Report Finds

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