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9 May 2017

reSolve website

The reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry project now has its own website. There you will find a range of lesson sequences that you can download for free to use in your classroom.

Go to www.resolve.edu.au


The CHOOSEMATHS Awards 2017 celebrate students and teachers who demonstrate mathematics achievement, creativity and excellence in Australian schools.

The teacher awards include a number of categories with the major prize awarded to a teachers who have impressed with their outstanding achievement in inspiring and fostering the participation of girls in mathematics.

Student awards provide the opportunity to acknowledge students who communicate their love of mathematics on film. Students will collaborate in small teams to create videos around this year’s theme ‘Maths is the future’.

Go to http://choosemaths.org.au/choosemaths-awards

AAMT conference program

The first draft of the AAMT July conference concurrent session program is now available on the conference website – and what a great program it is! 

Please be aware that this is a first draft and is likely to change!

Little J & Big Cuz

Little J & Big Cuz, the first animated kids show to feature Indigenous Australians, is available to stream on demand along with free resources mapped to the Australian Curriculum. Resources are linked to learning in the humanities, science, mathematics, arts, health and wellbeing, language and literacy.

Go to www.littlejandbigcuz.com.au for:

  • all 13 episodes free on demand
  • educator resources for each episode
  • four online games
  • interactive story book app.

New magazine: Careers in Maths

A new Careers and Maths magazine for school students has been launched to complement existing titles in STEM and IT. You can browse an issue at https://issuu.com/refractionmedia/docs/cwmaths17_issuu and order copies at https://careerswithstem.com/magazine-orders

Teacher day at MERGA conference

 The annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) will be held Monash University (Clayton campus, Melbourne), 2–6 July 2017.

Wednesday 5 July will be a special day focussed on teachers and pre-service teachers who can register to attend on that day for $175. The day's program will provide participants with the opportunity to engage in a range of professionally challenging and stimulating activities stemming from the latest research.

For more information, go to http://tiny.cc/merga40

ASMJ editor(s) sought

 Expressions of interest are sought for the position of editor(s) of Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (ASMJ). Editors work in conjunction with AAMT staff to produce two issues at regular intervals each year. The appointment will be for 2018–19 with a handover period later this year. For all enquiries, please contact Toby Spencer (tspencer@aamt.edu.au; 08 8363 0288) at the AAMT office. Expressions of interest (please include a brief CV) should be directed to Will Morony (CEO, wmorony@aamt.edu.au).  Submissions close 1 June.

Featured resource: 100 Commonly Asked Questions in Math Class

Alfred Posamentier, William Farber, Terri Germain-Williams, Elaine Paris, Bernd Thaller, Ingmar Lehmann

Do your students ever ask mathematical questions that have you baffled, or to which you have an answer but not a very convincing one? Beginning with THE question, “Why do I have to learn mathematics?”, the sections in this book cover general queries as well as a selection from number, algebra, geometry and probability. Questions are answered comprehensively, with detailed mathematical explanations as well as interesting background information.

#ECA019 $67.50 * AAMT members $54.00 *


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