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I received the best news today! EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED is a Romance Category Finalist in the 2018 ABR Audiobook Listener Awards to be held in June 2018 in Missouri. This is a FIRST for me and I am just so thrilled for Dax and Harlow's story being nominated that I don't care if I have the flu, I'm sharing with it you all (not the flu, but the news)!

This has always been the little book that could for me! Please vote for Everything She Ever Wanted by clicking the banner below. You can vote once each day.

To celebrate the nomination, I'm giving away one audiobook copy of Everything She Ever Wanted. Your choice of Audible, iTunes, or a $20 Amazon or iTunes gift certificate! 

Read on for the giveaway link! One of the entry options is a question I've been dying to ask you guys, too, so I hope you'll check it out!

With February in full swing (where did January go?!) I've got a winner for the signed paperback giveaway and just sent her the email to let her know. 


This month, I've got a few books and giveaways to share with you, including my romantic suspense novel, Collateral Attraction, which is 99 cents for the month of February!

When CEO Heath Kheiron accuses her sister of corporate fraud, Billie will do anything to prove him wrong. But is losing her heart worth the price?

How far will she go to save her sister? Is losing her heart to a man bent on revenge worth the price?


Medium Steamy Books

On the run from the mafia and hiding out in his uncle's palatial Florida mansion, Luca Rossi's identity is uncovered when he saves passengers from a plane that crashed on the beach. 

Skylar Shaw is an ambitious young reporter determined to make her name with a scoop - no matter what it takes. When she meets Luca, her intense curiosity may lead her down a path from which there is no return.


She knew who he was and what he was but she never expected to be drawn to him.
She had nothing to offer a man like him.
He was one man she should never have met, let alone been allowed to taste.
He was everything she’d ever dreamed of and so much more.
She knew she should have walked away from him for her own sake.
But if she did she’d be nothing more than a shattered soul


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