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GoVegan Potluck+ Jan27

Vegtastic Open Mic

Lecture by Dr. Sungu Amagan 'You’ve got game! Happier Today, Tomorrow & Beyond'

LiveFood Demo by Beatriz Catalan ‘Cheezecake w. Berries’

21 Years - 1,000's Served

TryVegan YummMeal+ Jan26

Free Vegan Buffet by Chef Brook Katz

Lecture by Dr. P. Steele 'The Barefoot Physician'

Vegtastic Open Mic

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Join Dr. Will Tuttle on Saturday, February 3 for a night of food, music and a stimulating lecture focusing on some of the main ideas of his #1 Amazon best-selling book, The World Peace Diet.
Sat, February 3, 2018 | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Ft. Lauderdale  $35 EarlyBird

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EarthSave Co-Sponsor Event produced by SoFlo Vegans

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*Vegtastic Open Mic

That's Edu-tainment !   Performing-fine-creative arts educate, celebrate & demonstrate veganism.  Shared *Vegtastic talents, ideas and artistry at The Mic.  

*Public Essay Reader   *Music   *Song   *Storytelling   *Theatrical Skit   *Testimonial   *Demonstration   *Dance   *Food Art   *Activist Project   *Crafts   *Photo-Video ...

NOTE: see video shorts on YouTube 'EarthSave Florida'

Eat healthier for 10-21 days?

Healthy Vegan Challenge begins March 1

Try It - U Will Like: Weight loss - meds' reduction - better lab results - detox.  So say our testimonials since August. 

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Earn Community Service Hours

Contact: | 786-708-1028


GoVegan Potluck

FairShare: replace what you consume.  Donate $10 NoFoodFee when you just cannot bring food.

TryVegan Chefs Buffet

R.S.V.P. for Chef Brook's YummMeal amidst camaraderie, motivation, GiveAways and edu-tainment.

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Carnivores, Herbivores, Flexitarians, Eaters Anonymous, Walk-ins from Facebook, Meatup... errrr, Eventbrite, etc. are tempted with non-violent, nutritious, sustainable plant-based foods plus Vegan Logic, with a dash of Vegtastic Edu-tainment!  Ever-benign Vegan Police really honor your attendance-attention-referrals; they don't shame or blame.  TeamEARTHSAVE offers proof positive about your vegan experience - we aim for 100% Satisfaction at GoVegan & TryVegan Dinners. But if our Event fell short - LET US KNOW.  Food isn't yummmy - TELL US SO.

                                    PS. bring lotsa friends & family!                                      EarthSave Convinces U 2 TryVegan / GoVegan 


If you are what you eat, why consume unnatural, highly-processed, GMO, chemicalized, toxic, irradiated, cruel, unsustainable foods and food-like substances?                                                    ~Prof. Veghead, VhD


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