Another baby!

Dear Friends and Supporters, we have so many good things to share with you this month: a new baby pangolin, a big civet rescue and a visit from UN Environment.

Read on!

A heart-warming story

Mom was one of the 34 pangolins rescued earlier this month. Baby was born just several days after.

Mom was struggling to give birth with a deep injury in her back foot. Baby was healthy, a bit active.

Mom was sleeping for most of the time after that. Baby opened eyes, starting climbing around, totally unaware that he was hurting his mom.

Mom was recovering. Baby was growing. Every time our team carried a quick health check or changing towels, both of them never stop put a smile on our faces.

Three Chinese Pangolins survived

In the 34, there were also four rare, beautiful Chinese pangolins. Out captive team managed to save three as one was too weak from dehydration.

Up till now, the three were doing alright: eat well, sleep good and recover steadily. As 99% of the rescued was Sunda, these will help our team to learn more about Chinese pangolins behaviors in captivity in order to gain a deeper knowledge of the species and hopefully support researching of the species in the wild.

They are ready

Yes, after a month of being cured under the caring hands of our vets, keepers and volunteers, the pangolins are strong, healthy and more than ready to be back.

In this release, radio tracking devices will be attached to several pangolins for researching purpose. This will help us to learn more about the species' activities in nature, their preferred living environment and also pick the release site more accurate in the future.

We always want to provide the rescued animals the best conditions whether it's the rescue box, quarantine room or release bus.  
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Visit from UN Environment

We are honor to welcome Mr Erik Solheim, Executive Director of The United Nations Environment Program at our center. We presented about our activites, done and running projects, gave him a tour around our education center and the enclosures where the rescued animals are living.

The UN Environment also made a video featuring Mr Solheim in order to help raise more awareness about pangolin conservation.

The video of his message can be found here. 

Another rescue

Twelve civets on the trade

Last month, Quang Binh police caught a car running from Nghe An province with bags of living animals on the back. Getting the news, our team immediately drove to the station and found twelve civets kept in tight nets.  

It did not look so good

Two had foot injuries caused by hunter's traps. We even had to euthanize one as the only way to stop his suffering. Good news is that the others are doing fine.

On the other hand, the traps causing this are still very popular in Vietnam. Moreover, due to the current Vietnamese law, the civet is not listed as the endangered and the highest punishment for hunting or trading these animals is just financial fine.

Will the future be brighter?

That's one of the reason why we are working closely with Vietnamese government for the advocacy effort in order to strengthen the laws. We believe in the near future, all the wild animals will be fully protected, not only civets, not only pangolins but also others as well.

Here comes our team

Education: Kids Project got reviewed

Earlier last month, our education team organized a half-day workshop with Nho Quan's education leaders, teachers, parents to talk about the Kids Projects we just finished in May.

We shared the best memories with the kids, what we learned from the project, what we achieve together. We were also happy to receive feedbacks from the teachers and had chance to discuss about the possibility of keep the program running in future.

Best of all, this talk helped us realize that we are not the only ones who pursuit a dream of better wildlife, nature education for the next generations.

Our team is preparing to re-start the project in this October which hopefully will bring about 3,000 kids of all 28 kindergartens and 1,000 primary children in the poor areas coming to explore and learn with us in this school year. With only $7, your support can bring a kid from an undeveloped district the chance to explore the forest for the first time of their life.

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Captive: How to save pangolins?

At the end of August,Huong - our Vet - and Maddie - our Animal Manager - made it to Khao Keow Open Zoo (Bangkok, Thailand) to join the 'Asian Pangolin Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release and Captive Management Workshop'.

We had chance to share with representatives from other pangolins rescue centers about our work, the challenges we were facing and how did we overcame them, the knowledge we gained from treating injured pangolins and how to apply these to real cases in vet rooms.

Outreach: Woman power

Joining other 70 women from environment conservation organizations, Lan - our Education Outreach Manager - had a good time learning new skills, sharing our rescue stories and connecting with the woman leaders from all over the world, especially with the Mexican women.

One of the main themes of the workshop was about how a woman can balance between personal responsibility and work challenges when it comes a fast-pace, demanding area like conservation. Lan also had chance to talk about our achievements in pangolin conservation which inspire others attendees to connect, learn more about us and offer assistance for future collaboration.

We also would like to send thanks to The Women in Nature Network and Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature for funding this amazing opportunity.

New member: Meet Jamie

This is Jamie Morrison from UK - our newest teammate. He has been living in Hanoi for three years, learning Vietnamese and looking for a chance to follow his passion, start career in conservation.

He will be the professional volunteer for our next projects in Pu Mat National Park for the next one year, working with the park's officers to upgrade animal welfare and staff capacity. 

Let's wish him luck! 

Thank you!

We also want to give a shout out to everyone who helped us with the YouCaring campaign last month. Together, we raised $5,046 so far and this fund definitely will be put in a good use for the pangolins.

If you still want to join the effort, there are two more days!

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