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12.07.17 Contents:
NHS continuing healthcare
History of disability arts
Nursing home standards
Training for Employers & PAs
Derek's View – Jennifer Hayman's chair bed
Latest news - Apex acquires Nexus DMS
1. NHS continuing healthcare

Last week's National Audit Office report into NHS continuing healthcare, or CHC, seemed a good opportunity to look at the subject on Independent Living.

As anyone who has been involved with this can testify, applying for CHC can take a lot longer than it should, and many who believe they are on track to receive it, end up being turned down. As someone on Facebook commented "You have to be pretty much dead to qualify for CHC".

Although more people do qualify every year, as a proportion of those who are assessed, the number is going down. There are wide geographical variations in eligibility decisions, as well.

You can read more here


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2. History of disability arts

Bucks New University will be hosting the National Disability Arts Collection & Archive in a dedicated wing at their campus in High Wycombe, and some of their film students are now involved with disabled artists and activists in making short films to chart the history of disability arts.

Two of the students, Oliver Miles and Morgan Race, are shown on set here.

The story of how a group of disabled people and their allies changed Britain and created great art and culture along the way will be told in a series of short documentaries which will form part of the NDACA collection.

You can see more here 


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3. Nursing home standards

People who provide care for a parent, partner or friend who can no longer manage alone are often described as voluntary carers.

The latest report from the CQC on standards in adult social care services makes it clear that "voluntary" is not the right adjective. For many, there simply is nowhere they can trust to provide good quality care, unless they do it themselves.

When one in three nursing homes are described as "not safe", with mistakes as basic as residents not receiving adequate food and drink or being given the wrong medication, we have surely reached a tipping point where everyone can agree that proper amounts of money, training and political will must be dedicated to making urgent improvements?

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4. Training for Employers & PAs

Being a good employer doesn't come automatically. Nor does being an effective PA (personal assistant) for someone with a disability.

Skills for Care have just launched their latest round of funding for training. Anyone who employs a PA can apply, whether they have a personal budget or use their own money to pay them.

The training can be for employer or PA, and covers a wide range of skills and qualifications, from health and safety to British Sign Language.

Find out more here


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5. Derek's View – Jennifer Hayman's chair bed

You don't often come across a case study where the main protagonist says that they would like to give a big hug to the designer of the product in question.

But that is how Jennifer Hayman feels about her Rota-Pro rotating chair bed from Nexus DMS. Living with a lot of pain and limited mobility, due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, Jennifer has found that she can not only get in and out of bed independently once more, but also sleep through the night for the first time in years. This has had a really beneficial effect on her overall health and well-being, as you may imagine.

You can read her story here



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6. Latest news - APEX acquires Nexus DMS

Nexus DMS, UK manufacturer of a range of care beds, including the Rota-Pro featured above, have been purchased by APEX Medical.

Managing director Simon Robinson is still leading the team at Nexus DMS.

You can read more here


Coming next week – the latest blog from our nutrition expert, Mary Farmer, looks at iron deficiency and anaemia. There is a new way to speed up the processing of Disabled Facilities Grants – welcome news for the many people who wait long periods for essential adaptations to their home. And what on earth is going on with repairs and servicing at NHS Wheelchair Services?


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