Seriously, stop. Right effing now.
Hey Girl,

Is your to do list as long as your arm? Longer? Getting shit done is how we run our badass empires, but sometimes what we DON'T do is even more important.

It's time for some truth bombs. I've got five things you need to stop doing right now to kick your career into high gear.

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1. Apologizing for promoting your work. Does a flower apologize for blooming? Heck no. And you shouldn't apologize for sharing your badassery with the world either.

2. Worrying about your "likes" or "followers" when social media platforms are constantly changing. You want to reach actual, enthusiastic readers. If you're going to count anything, count newsletter subscribers.

3. Comparing yourself (negatively) to literally anyone else. You are on your own unique path of awesome and comparison will only throw you off course.

4. Pretending you don't care about things when you really, really do. It's not only totally cool to TRY HARD, it's also necessary for success. Do athletes show up to the Olympics all "whatever, I don't know how I ran that fast. I guess this medal is cool" wearing a ratty tee shirt and blowing smoke rings? No. 

5. Fearing failure. Just stop. Failure landed us on the mother effing moon. Failure is our best teacher. Fail wildly and you know you're shooting for the stars too.

If you've already stopped doing these things...way to go rock star! If you're still struggling to let go of these time/energy can do it! *shakes pom poms* When you start spiraling down the rabbit hole, take a deep breath and focus on the goal you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself "does this get me closer to my goal?" When the answer is no, STOP. I mean it.

You got this. Pinky promise.


Shari Slade

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