The best time for new beginnings is now.

Hi friend.

I ran across this quote by Meredith Marple of Belong to Love: "A person who does not seek to understand you does not seek to love you." And that explained so much about some experiences I've had recently. 


I think it's painful to let someone go, but whether romantic, family, or friendship, if you've stated what you need in terms of communication, respect, love language, or closeness .. and the other person just doesn't get it (or doesn't want to) then you've got to let that person go.


Letting someone go doesn't always mean you cut them off or confront them harshly .. it may just mean you wish them well but you stop relying on them to care the way you want them to. And you heal from that and find new people who love you on the level you love them.

Speaking of letting go, one of the coolest things I did this year after moving back to California in April was to sell all my furniture and start over.


These pictures are how my home looks now.


I found the perfect little 1924 vintage bungalow-style apartment and it was clear the moment I stepped in that, 1. I was in love with the space, and 2. my huge, oversized dark wood furniture was not going to work. 


But like SO MUCH OF WHAT WE DO TO OURSELVES, I was immediately like, "Ah. I wish! But I have to find a place that will fit all my stuff."


Basically, I can't have something I want because I have to take all my baggage with me and make it fit.


Sound familiar?


The rent was $300 lower per month (yes, LOWER) than what I was budgeting, so I asked the agent if I could think about it for an hour...a big ask considering there were 3 more people coming to see it that afternoon (and an out-of-state couple who were ready to put their deposit down, sight-unseen). I took a walk around the block and thought of my options.


I realized that this apartment was an invitation to let go of a huge, but oftentimes heartbreaking, chapter of my life that started after my broken engagement and the crash of '08.


Goodbye huge brown Pottery Barn sleeper sofa that cuddled my kids as we commuted from LA-NYC. Goodbye giant antique dresser that I bought with my ex-fiance. Goodbye floor-to-ceiling mirror I would check my reflection in before heading out to city interviews. Goodbye.


I decided to orient myself around this new home, with all it's bright sunshine and swaying palm trees, and let the old stuff go.


Yes, this meant a major downsize and simplicity to my new style. I had to wait until all my stuff was delivered from Manhattan, sell it all, and then take the money to shop.


Letting go can be so good. So nourishing. So effervescing to the soul and psyche.


As we think about what we want to create in 2018, I think a small period of cleanout is in order. What are you letting go of to make room for something new? Hit reply and let me know!

Do you wish you could read more books?


I run into a lot of people who love the idea of reading books but have labeled themselves a bad reader. “I just can’t get through books,” they say. “I get distracted and never finish.” That’s because, beautiful brilliant person, your mind is EXTRA noisy. We all have noisy brains that are analyzing, conjecturing, judging, and commentating at all times, 24/7.


This happens when you read too! So there you are, reading along, and your brain is thinking OUT FRICKEN LOUD about everything it’s reading. Your noisy, super smart brain is also trying to “file” what its reading with patterns and experiences from your past. So reading a passage about vineyard keepers in Italy who have to shade the grapes so they don’t overripen reminds you of that time you and Serena went to Napa and THEY SAID THAT. They have to shade the grapes! I would never want to do that job, your minds thinks. Well, I *could* do that job if it was in Spain and it gave me 4 months off a year. I would quit my job in a hot minute.


And before you know it, you’re at the end of the page and you don’t know what you read.


Friend, this is ALL OF US. Don’t label yourself a bad reader. You have a normal condition called “brain chatter” and I have found the best way to settle my brain down and pay attention to the text is to simply acknowledge when my brain is being extra noisy and has lots to “say” about what it’s reading. I literally tell my brain to quiet down and let me read. I want to pay attention to what my mentor (the author) is saying and I look at it as a form of love and respect.


This also pops up when you are under stress or dealing with an emotional situation going on in your personal life. Because your brain is trying so hard to come up with solutions to what is upsetting you it’s talking REAL LOUD. It doesn’t care what your eyes are scanning. So this would be a moment of self-care to say, “Mind, I’m going to give you a 10-minute break from obsessing over this situation and we’re going to get into someone else’s world for a minute.” And then apply your mind to what you’re reading. If it wanders, just gently bring it back.


I wrote a NEW post about my "one-book-a-week" reading method. 


And on the theme of letting go, I wrote a short post on how to clean up your Instagram feed. (Go ahead and click on it, my links always open up to new pages :)


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Have a beautiful Christmas everyone! I'll be back next week with more goodness.



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