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I’ve been reflecting on our recent spiritual journey. At first glance, India seems buck wild. Especially when compared to the predictability of life in the West. We’ve come to expect certain conveniences here (like avocados year-round!!!) but in India our expectations are turned upside down.

The disruption can push us wayyyyy outside our comfort zone. Our brains begin to whir; anticipating surprises at every turn, absorbing unbelievable visions, and questioning odd cultural practices. At times, it's very exciting (and even liberating), while at others it can seem like we’ve lost control.

I’m sure each of us can remember a situation that disrupted our lives in a massive way. When I was laid off from a job for the first time ever, my world came crashing down. I felt humiliated, hurt and confused. How could this happen to me? In that moment, my understanding of the world was completely shattered.

So how do we cope when life has other plans for us? Use these practices to build inner strength for times of turmoil:

~ Observe my reaction to blips in routine.
How do I fare when the bus is late, or someone is not nice? Watch yourself like an actor onstage to learn what situations and emotions are draining your energy.

~ Choose acceptance when discomfort arises. 
Sometimes, a missed chai makes us miserable for the entire day. Recognize that you can choose to be ok with discomfort. Accepting the things I cannot change builds willpower!

~ Create an internal belief system of adaptability. 
When I think, “there’s no way I can go on if ________”, I weaken my power to adapt. Strengthen your soul by repeating to yourself: “I am a powerful Atman and I can face any challenge.”

Time to go with the flow!




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