Love For All Times -- The Trilogy

If you haven’t read the Love for All Times trilogy, now is the perfect opportunity as today I am releasing the three books as a box set! And for one day only -- today, January 31 -- they are available for only $0.99. 

On February 1, they will go up to $1.99, before they hit their regular price of $2.99 on February 3. So take advantage and download now!

The books have been slightly edited and revised, but if you have already read the three of them, they have not been significantly changed.

If you have read the three books, I do have a favor to ask you. I would so appreciate you heading over to the Amazon sales page and leaving a review. Thank you so much!

If the books are new to you, I hope you enjoy :)

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Love For All Times Trilogy

The search to find love and belonging takes an unexpected turn when these men and women find themselves thrust into impossible situations. With all the barriers between them, can they overcome the inconceivable and find love forever, or will it be captured in a brief moment in time?

Bride for a Time

Jaime Abernathy's life has been turned upside-down. She decides to follow her heart to Scotland, the home of her ancestors. Her parents have passed, and she feels called to the place of her roots. While walking in the woods of her ancestral family home, she falls and awakens in the 16th Century, in the arms of Alec McDermont.

Alec is soon to be Laird of the McDermonts. He is to be married to the wretched Alexandra Gillie of a warring clan. He'll do anything to keep the marriage from happening, and when he finds Jaime in the woods, he senses a way out.

Jaime doesn't believe she's in the 16th century. Alec doesn't believe she's time traveled. But their feelings for each other pull them closer together as everything else is tearing them apart. Will they find happily ever after?

Time of Valor

Historian Emilia Guthrie is exploring the ruins of a castle when she sees an apparition in the distance. Her curiosity takes her down a path she never thought possible, putting a 16th century Highlander’s life in her hands.

Dougal MacGavin must defeat the Buchanan clan to prove himself as laird. In the midst of a bloody battle, he finds his life in the hands of a woman as strange as she is beautiful.

Emilia is determined to save Dougal’s life, despite the fact he thinks her mad. How can they overcome their own battle of stubborn will and attraction to fight all that threatens to destroy them?

To the Time of the Highlander

When his ex-girlfriend seemingly disappears, Bryan Smith knows something isn’t right. Unable to move on until he puts the past behind him, Bryan sets out to her last known destination of Stonehaven, Scotland. There, his search leads him down a path he would have never thought possible.

Sorcha Singleir has always known her destiny was to marry a man chosen by her father. When she finally meets him, however, she despairs at the life ahead of her, but can’t find a way out without bringing ruin on her clan. Then one night a mysterious but handsome stranger appears in her bedroom, bringing with him more questions than answers.

Bryan wants to help the beautiful, troubled young woman, but can’t seem to find a way to prevent her marriage to another. As much as she knows it can never be, Sorcha can’t help but be drawn to the captivating yet mad foreigner. With all the barriers between them, will they find love forever, or will it be captured in a brief moment in time?

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