Merry Christmas to all and to all, safe flying!
24th of December, 2016

Hello All,

Whether you experience the thrill of flying as a Microlight pilot or free flight as a Paraglider or Hang Glider pilot, we hope you enjoy an adventure (or two) over the Christmas break.

The festive season is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and the year ahead.

We want to take this opportunity to share some of the achievements of an incredibly busy year.

Our organisation represents more than 3500 members and their clubs providing a framework for all pure flight aviation enthusiasts to take part in the sport they love, in a safe, fun way.


Staying Safe

Making sure our members stay safe is our number one priority.

In 2015, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia’s Operations Manual

and twelve months on, we have seen a marked reduction in the number of safety incidents and accidents reported.

The new Operations Manual requires pilots to meet safety and compliance standards.

In our sport each and every incident is thoroughly investigated to learn what went wrong and how we can do better next time, this helps us to manage risks.

For some experienced pilots this may seem unnecessary red tape. However, every experienced pilot has a story of a near miss in his or her time.

The bottom line is that brushing up on skills and knowledge can save lives.

That’s why the HGFA is funding workshops around the country, facilitated by expert pilots and instructors, to help pilots improve their skills, gain endorsements and improve safety skills.

In the first half of 2017, we’ll be hosting these workshops. There will initially be a focus on those locations without local instructors as we understand the challenge this presents to pilots.

If you see a need for workshops in your region, please email


Among other achievements this year we have:

Developed and instituted the Paraglider Pilot certification system: PG1 to PG5, aligning with international standards.


Introduced the Supervised Pilot Flight Log Book to provide better protection and security for our new pilots whilst transitioning to the club environment.


Instituted the Post Training Questionnaire (PTQ), now providing information on Flight Training Facilities so we can improve training areas.



The HGFA offer you the peace of mind of insurance and in 2016 we negotiated a $30 000 reduction in premiums and no premium increase despite a 19% increase in membership numbers.

This also included increased coverage for our pilots while overseas to $1.5 million.


We now have personal indemnity insurance for HGFA event organisers, coverage for landowners and we are investigating personal accident insurance options for all HGFA members, as you overwhelming requested.

Insurance has been a significant focus for us, with Allianz, our insurers, pulling out of aviation insurance world wide.

We had concerns that we could end up in a similar situation to the USHPA, needing to self-insure and raise over $2 million in cash to do so.

We are pleased to say negotiations are underway with a number of other providers and are currently looking very positive.

Contact the HGFA for more information on our insurance policies.


$300,000 in savings for you!

In 2016 the HGFA made it a priority to find efficiencies and our organisation is pleased to announce that we expect to make savings of up to $300,000 by 2017 EFY, which we will pass on to our membership.

  We delivered these savings through a series of tough negotiations.

The HGFA have also found some efficiencies in areas such as print and insurance savings and we’ve transitioned to a new accounting system, Xero, to save time and ensure transparency in our accounting systems and financial reporting.


Have your say!

Where do you want your money spent? In early 2017, we will be polling members to see where you would like these savings delivered. Options we are currently investigating, may include a reduction in membership fees, options for Personal Accident Insurance and event funding…

Watch this space..!


Let’s talk technology!

We have invested our time in technology in 2016, and you’ll have to stay tuned for an exciting new look from the HGFA in 2017!

  In 2016 we’ve:

     Made huge website improvements including the addition of a secure shopping portal and improved merchandise

     Moved the VPM and student membership sign-up process online saving time and money


We’re also now on:



Please visit, share your stories and videos and please like our page!


Look after your mates

When you fly over the Christmas holidays, please, keep an eye on your mates.

Speak up for safety and make sure everyone returns home to their families to celebrate the New Year.

We wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to your feedback on the thrill of pure flying in 2017.



The office is closed and will re-open on 9 January 2017.

Please email or leave a message on (03) 9336 7155 for assistance.

  The emergency contact number is 0417 644 633 during the Christmas break.


Questions & Feedback
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