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 What a wondrous, whimsical, wild adventure we just had. Nine humble souls opted for an off-the-beaten-path spiritual journey to some of the holiest places in India. Together, we dug deep into the cultural roots of Eastern dharmic religions and explored the idea of Living Atman, all while being tested at EVERY turn

So what did we learn about the way North Indians approach life to make things a tad easier? Here are just a few first impressions, with photos from our travels!


Meenu + Pawan

EAT in season!

When it's mango season, you eat mangoes; when it's okra season, you eat okra. No one creates a fuss because they pay less for produce bursting with flavour!

LIVE as a community <3

Aside from occasional tiffs, the warmth & connection between people is undeniable. In my mother's village, everyone lovingly opened their homes for us!

THINK creatively

India is mega hectic so people learn to go with the flow, especially in situations that just are (like insane traffic!). Acceptance promotes happiness and clever workarounds!

SHOP for what you need

While weaving through Old Delhi streets, it's easy to get lost in maze-like alleys with endless wares. To navigate choices, locals let their need be the guide!

TRAVEL with purpose

Celebrations, festivals, and sacred sites draw those wanting to heal, transform and connect. India is a deep, spiritual well that flows through all people.

Photos thanks to the talented Jess de Vries!
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