Give your team a creative boost

In a creative rut?

Revitalize your creativity and build creative confidence with a playful workshop. For the next 6 months, limeSHIFT will be highlighting each of our 6 workshops designed to serve the workforce of the future, starting with Creative Workout.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein

A Creative Workout for any Organization

Is your creative output what it could be? During Creative Workout, we review impediments to creative flow – spatial, psychological and physical – and together build exercises that create space for exponential ideation. We leave you with a custom toolkit to revitalize and regularly renew your team’s creativity.

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Our artistic director listed on Forbes 30 under 30

Along with our new workshop offerings, we kick off 2017 on a positive note. Our artistic director, Tahir Karmali, made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Art and Style.

From our Blog: Creativity in Motivation

This month, our blog concentrated on the importance of inspiration and motivators for creativity and how it relates to art making, business and social practice.

Artist Perspective: How to find your source of inspiration

Yazmany's post "Inspiration: The Art of Getting Lost In The Lives of Others" discusses how he weaves inspiration into his practice.

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Want to improve employee engagement?

Liz address the “$450 billion problem” where “70% of employees aren’t fully engaged.” The creative solution: think people, place and purpose.

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TOP 5 Art & Society Quotes from some of the cultural legacies that drive us!

From Theaster Gates to Doris Sommer, Nabila offers motivational quotes to inspire you.

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