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I hope everyone is enjoying Hearts of Trust! What do you think about Sophie and Benjamin?

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After the rush of the holidays, I am getting back to work and am working hard on the next Happily Ever After book! Our hero and heroine are two characters you have previously met in the series, although the book will also be possible to read as a standalone. We’re still a ways away from launch date (it doesn’t have a title quite yet!), but who do you think it might be??

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Weekly Reads

The Lady and The Rake

By Agnes Forest

Miss Selina Snowley is a daughter of deceased baronet Sir William Snowley. She has only one chance to escape the workhouse or ignominy as a courtesan. She must become the companion of Lady Jane Busick, a close longtime family friend. The job itself will not be difficult for Selina, who loves Lady Jane as she did her own parents. It is the lady’s infuriating nephew who will make her task unbearable. From childhood, Adam Caldwell, the Viscount Hawkridge, has been a thorn in her side, and now she will be forced to spend far more time in his company than she is happy with, as Lady Jane resides in his home. The Lady and The Rake is a clean, stand-alone historical romance.

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Florence’s Stupendous Spinster’s Society

By Charlotte Stone

Florence Crew has caught the eye of one of London's wealthiest bachelors, but there is just one problem. She's a lady's maid..
While she has no desire to lift her station in life, she knows that the man of her dreams only wants to lift her skirts. Or does he?

Rollo Kerry is a lucky man.
1- Powerful,
2- Connected,
3- In possession of everything he could want in life.

But... inside he is tormented by the one thing he's never won, not even as a child. Love.

It's no wonder he only lets women get so far, allowing them to touch his body but never his soul. That's his plan for his latest conquest, a little lady's maid with a mind as sharp as her tongue.

Florence Crew. But when a promise stops him from bedding her for a month, he proposes friendship in order to keep her close. ... and maybe gain something deeper than either ever imagined..In order to gain love, both will have to take a risk.

Will friendship grow to love?

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