A whirlwind week!

Hello everyone! It had been a whirlwind week and I’m happy to share more with you. 

First of all, it was the launch of Loved By The Viscount. I have been blown away by your reviews. Thank you to my ARC readers and everyone else who has purchased, read in Kindle Unlimited, and left reviews on various sites. Because of you, Rosalind and William’s story is in the top 20 of Amazon’s Regency bestseller list and I am so humbled. What means the most, however, is knowing that this story has resonated with you, my readers.

While this book has just launched, I have now finished the first draft of my next book — Daniel’s story! I know many of you have been waiting for this one, and I hope it lives up to your expectations. Daniel has a bit of a darker story than his siblings, and he needs a woman who can pull him through. I will share more in the near future as we get closer to the book’s release in August.

In the meantime, we were also on holidays for five days for my cousin's wedding! It was in Arizona, so quite hot for this Canadian girl, but it was so much fun reconnecting with family and celebrating love (as you can see in my photo here!). We were so busy that I didn't get any work done, but a break can be a good thing. I have been eager to get back writing.

Next week I will have more to share about an upcoming box set I will be releasing along with other wonderful Regency authors.

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Recommended Reads


Vikings: The Trouble with Ubbe's Mother

By Rachel Tsoumbakos

Can a peasant really catch a king?

Will a king stoop below his social standing for the woman he loves?

Can a son learn to love his father in spite of his faults?

Fans of the Viking sagas involving Ragnar Lodbrok will be familiar with his many wives, but what about the woman who bore his son, Ubbe?

Raised in the middle class of Viking society, Ragnar should never have been attracted to someone of such standing. However, against the odds, the pair find a way to be together.

'Vikings: The Trouble with Ubbe's Mother' will unravel all these secrets and reveal a story that is more interesting than anything you knew about them previously.

Discover the truth today!

Part One brings the whole story to life with a historically accurate novel. Part Two then examines the historical facts behind this Viking story.

The 'Viking Secrets' series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and the extraordinary women who existed in the Viking era.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the books in this series can be read as standalone books due to the nature of the sagas involved. Therefore, the book numbering indicates the order in which the stories were published and not the order in which they are required to be read.

Buy on Amazon

Rescuing the Countess

By Arietta Richmond

A Countess unhappily married, a Viscount forbidden the one he loves, an accident that leads to death, an accusation, a highwayman’s plot uncovered, a love that defies all odds.


Maria Wollstonefort, Countess of Granville, has rapidly come to regret her marriage. For her husband’s mother is domineering, and makes her life a misery, while her husband does nothing to defend or support her. She despairs of ever being happy again.

Charles Barrington, Viscount Wareham, has loved Maria for many years, since they were children growing up as neighbours. But he was only a third son, until the wars changed everyone’s fortunes, and not seen as a suitable match for her. Now Maria is wedded to another, and he is a man in love, who can never act on that love. Life seems bleak, yet he cannot simply ignore Maria, no matter how much it hurts to see her, for he senses that she has troubles to deal with.

When he offers her unconditional support, should she call upon him, neither of them expect that to ever happen. But when gossip, highwaymen and accidents come into play, he finds himself, and his family, called upon to save her.

Can either of them be happy? Will fate deliver a way for their lost love to grow again? Or will death steal everything from them both?

Buy on Amazon Now!

Their Sweetheart City Love

By Emilee Harris

”Their Sweetheart City Love” is the second in author Emilee Harris' Colorado City Series, a Victorian Western Romance Series.
No secrets are buried forever…

One woman’s sacrifice…

It’s been twenty-six years since Lucille Manning made the hardest decision of her life, and lost the man she loved. Now, as she prepares to accompany her fiancé on a business trip to Loveland, her old love has reappeared and turned her world upside down. She’s not prepared for the feelings that assault her, a mix of bitterness, anger, and the reigniting of a flame that was never fully extinguished. But she can’t give in to the way her heart flutters when Rick looks at her, she has to commit to her marriage, it’s her last chance to make things right with her conscience…

…can be a lost man’s cause.

Rick, Duke St. Augustine, hasn’t been back to America since that fateful trip to Leadville decades ago, but his heart never really left. He’s still bitter at how quickly Lucy forgot him, but fate has irrevocably connected them through the marriage of their children. He doesn’t want to admit to the way his pulse still quickens at the sight of her. When a chance meeting with an old friend sheds new light on the animosity between them, Rick may be forced to make a decision that will cost him the love of his life…again.

Buy on Amazon Now!

Sarah's Duke and Ellie's Gentleman

By Fiona Myers

Sarah's Duke: A Regency romance by Fiona Miers with FREE Bonus Short Story 'Ellie's Gentleman.'

Sarah Collins, a vicar’s daughter from Somerset, has a modest goal for her first Season in London—find a husband who can provide for her and her family. With nothing to offer but her beauty and a pleasant temperament, she hopes her assets will be enough to secure her a kind and steady man. She's certainly not looking for a fortune or title, and indeed, hopes she may live quietly in the country and never come to London again.

Oliver Lyre is the newly inherited Duke of Lincoln. Born as the 'spare' son, he never expected to inherit his father’s noble mantle, and has neither the social skills nor the desire to enjoy the benefits of his rank. He knows he must marry a lady befitting his new position, but when he rescues the beautiful Sarah Collins one night, he can’t envision a future without her sweet smile.

What's a duke to do—marry a delectable virgin who will undoubtedly make a horrid Duchess, or do what family duty demands of him … unless he can somehow find a way to have both?

Ellie's Gentleman A Regency short story

Ellie Sommers is twenty years old, beautiful and lively. However, returned home to the country after another long London season, she wants nothing more than to remain in her beloved little town and ride her horses. Will she ever find a husband who cherishes the same modest goals?

Robert Blakely is a widowed gentleman, come to spend Christmas with his long-time friend William Sommers. Convinced that he will never wish to marry again, Robert is shocked to find himself keenly interested in his friend's lovely daughter. Can it be that a girl half his age is his perfect match?

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