With Pete and Nicky enjoying The Celsius 232 (Fahrenheit 451) Festival—Spain’s main SF & Fantasy event—it's been a quietish sort of week.

The rest of the team have had chance to catch up with routine admin duties, tidy up the stock room and ensure that all our ducks are in order for up and coming projects. So this week's newsletter was always going to be a bit of a head scratcher with not a lot to report.

And then . . . three delivery vans turn up, just this morning as it happens. Here's what came with them.

First up . . .

Great news from CD . . .The long awaited copies of CD's deluxe edition of THE SHINING have finally landed at the PS Towers warehouse, and Wow, what a great job Rich Chizmar and his team have done. 

Needless to say, Carole is already busy in dispatch and we hope to get your copies out to you this coming week.

And then . . . WE ARE THE MARTIANS landed.

It was especially pleasing to open the cartons and see a book that was originally due to appear from another publisher, some time ago. Things didn’t work out and it looked like the project would not come to fruition until PS was asked to take over the reins.

WE ARE THE MARTIANS, conceived, compiled and edited by Neil Snowdon, is a multi-contributor celebration of the life and works of the incomparable Nigel Kneale.

I must admit to getting a tingle of excitement when I laid my hands on it. I believe we've done it justice and when you see for yourself, I think you'll agree.

Carole is going to be a busy girl this coming week but please note, the signed deluxe edition with the extra book in an illustrated slipcase will not appear until after we've got all the contributors to sign. We'll keep you posted.

Last but not least . . .

Another of Neil Snowdon's babies, this time, a Midnight Movie Monographs production was the third delivery of the morning.

Not to be confused with the currently airing TWIN PEAKS TV production, TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME is a comprehensive examination by Maura McHugh of the 1992 film—a prequel to the television series—directed by and written by David Lynch.

Maura delves deep into the mystery behind the mystery, to explore how and why the film remains so powerful even after multiple viewings.

MONSTER TOWN by Bruce Golden.

Following last week's newsletter piece on Bruce Golden's novella MONSTER TOWN, we've had you clammering for us to put up an order page. So here it is.

Scheduled for an August release, there will be an unsigned jacketed hardcover edition at £15 plus P&P. A signed and numbered edition limited to 100 copies will also be available at £25.

The reviews keep rolling in for . . .

Jason Wilkes’ wife fails to return from her regular book club meeting – and unsurprisingly he imagines the worst. He’s not even close.

Alan Baxter’s taut novella takes an all too familiar situation – a missing persons case – and slowly but surely turns it into something far more arcane, taking the reader along with the narrator as what at the start you’d think was surely impossible starts to feel more and more probable. Pay close attention to the details as you go along (and as you start to feel the story increasingly grip you): Baxter plays very fair with the reader, providing essential clues.

You can read the full review here:


That's it for this week.

Pete and Nicky will be back over the weekend but will probably need a couple of days to catch up with messages and emails so please bear with them.

Nick Gevers is almost ready to go public with details on his current SF anthology EXTRASOLAR. More next week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, be happy and keep reading. I'll be retiring to the garden to enjoy some sunshine (while it lasts!) with my copy of WE ARE THE MARTIANS and a cold beer.


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