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In This Issue:

  1. Quote of the Month
  2. New Addition: GIVE AWAY CONTEST
  3. Stress Management Video Tip
  4. Parenting Without Stress Tip
  5. Discipline without Stress Tip
  6. What People Say

A Quick Note From Dr. Marvin Marshall ...

Having become too long for quick reading, my monthly newsletter has been revised.

Former editions included topics of Promoting Responsibility, Increasing Effectiveness, Improving Relationships, and Promoting Learning.

Articles and suggestions on these are still included in my blogs, menu bar links, articles, and books on my website,

The contents of the newsletter will now be primarily limited to suggestions in my three major books and/or my YouTube channel.

1. Quote of the Month

2. New Addition: WEEKLY GIVEAWAY

Each week a winner will receive a free copy
of the winner's choice from one of my electronic
publications listed here.

The winner will be chosen for
the best story or experience from one (not each)
of the following topics:

  • Live Without Stress,
  • Parenting Without Stress,
  • Discipline Without Stress, or
  • Using authority without coercion (Not using bribes to control, telling, threats, or imposed punishments) to achieve a goal.

Here is how to enter the

Submit your story or experience by sending an email to
with the word "Contest" in the subject line.
You will be notified if you are the week's winner.

3. Stress Management Video Tip

"Stress Management Tip:
North Korea and Iran"

The recent actions of North Korea and Iran have many people expressing high anxiety and stress regarding the current conflicts with these two countries. If you are stressed over the situation with North Korea and Iran, then watch this short video.

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4. Parenting Without Stress Tip

I have returned to radio interviews.

If you listen to talk radio shows or podcasts, send me their contact information. You may hear me share some significant insights to living, parenting, disciplining, or teaching without stress on a future broadcast.

The following is from some media talking points for the interviewer:

  • You cannot stop emotions; however, by changing your thinking you can redirect emotions.
  • Learn how to avoid victimhood thinking in any situation, stimulation, or urge.
  • Self-talk creates reality and has a direct bearing on feelings.
  • Choice ends when life ends. You are constantly making choices—both consciously and nonconsciously. Being mindful of choices significantly improves self-esteem.
  • You can control other people but you cannot change anyone but yourself. Learn how to influence people so they will change themselves to do what you want them to do.
  • Learn how influencing rather than aiming to control is more effective.
  • Discover how aiming at obedience and perfection are devastating with young people.
  • Relationship problems and challenges can be easily resolved with solving circles.

5. Discipline Without Stress Tip

The eLearning program is now available for schools and organizations to purchase at discounts for multiple subscribers. The contents of the 54 video modules are now available for easy reference.

Once you have purchased the online learning program, it is yours for life. There is NO expiration date. You can review any of the modules as often and as long as your wish.

Here are two questions to ponder that are clearly explained in the eLearning program:

(1) Do you know and can you articulate the difference between classroom management and discipline/behavior?

(2) How can you get around the adversarial relationship of becoming a "cop" enforcing rules when one of your rules is broken?

Sophisticated and superior teachers (and parents) can articulate an immediate response to both questions.

Superior teachers understand that they are in the professions of relationships and motivation. If your actions do not inspire motivation and retain good relationships, then you owe it to yourself and your profession to learn them. This eLearning is your opportunity.

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6. What People Say

"Dear Marv,

Thank you so much for your support regarding the opportunity I recently had to share your Raise Responsibility System

I have been mentoring a beginning teacher and your system has been key to her success in minimizing time spent on negative behavior and maximizing positive behavior for learning and relationships. (New Zealand spellings)

We presented our journey of the Raise Responsibility System with nearly 100 teachers in our area. We were really very pleased that so many were so interested in your system that does not coerce children with rewards and punishments.

Our schools are undergoing great change with walls being removed between classes. Children are now finding themselves in a shared space with up to 100 other learners, in some cases more than this number.

The Raise Responsibility System has been an excellent model to integrate into our school philosophy and vision.

Again, thank you for your support and your system."

- Rosalie Dyksma (Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand)


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