A certificate of summoning awaits...
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Hi there, 

This reader update will be a brief one, as I've fallen ill and consumed far too much medication for more than a few minutes of coherence.

I am excited to announce that there is a special subscribers only (this means you) section of my website in the works! Inside will be a collection of:

  • Character and Villain Bios
  • Upcoming book previews
  • Scratch book cover designs
  • Downloadable Maps
  • A free Novella download
  • And a contest to win a free paperback + bookmark + map!

All of this will be available exclusively to reader update subscribers, like you! Keep an eye out for instructions on how to access it in my next update.

And now on to the goodies! This update includes...

  • A chance to claim one of the last few spots on the ARC List
  • The Prolific reader - A huge set of over 100 free ebooks spanning 27 genres.
  • The Start Reading Diverse Sci-Fi Giveaway
  • A special secret certificate with your name on it


Book One of the Aeternum Chronicles

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H.G. Chambers ARC List

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Diverse Sci-fi Giveaway!

Start Reading Diverse Sci-fi giveaway

I came across this giveaway and decided I had to share. This bundle of free books is unique in that it requires the protagonist(s) of the story to be a person of color, and/or have a marginalized racial/ethnic identity, and/or be LGBTQ+, and/or be disabled/neurodivergent.

Click for Progressive Fantasy!

An Impressive Catalog of Free Books

The Prolific Reader

The prolific reader has a ridiculously broad selection of excellent books that you can nab to flesh out your digital library. The best part? It's not just fantasy or sci-fi, there's everything from romance to poetry to non-fiction to YA.

Check out this huge selection

My favorite part

Welcome again to my favorite part of the program! I ask a provocative question, and you share your brilliant thoughts and compelling opinions.


Was that the doorbell? Better answer it...

Huh...no one is there, but there is this curious envelope...

Should we open it? Of course we should!


You hold in your hands a magical certificate of fantastical creature summoning. Simply speak the name of the creature you wish to summon, and it will appear, and be bound to you forever.

The Institution for Responsible Magics wishes to remind you that you will be responsible for concealing, and/or explaining to friends, loved ones, and law enforcement what it is doing here. Please take this into account when making your decision...or don't, it makes no difference to me.

Dayram Cavoy

I.R.M. Courier Service


If you could summon one fantastical creature from any book to earth as your companion/minion, which would you choose? How would you keep it secret?

Reply to this email, or click here to let me know! 

As for me...

I would choose Saphira the dragon from Eragon...but in baby form. She's smart, psychic, and grows into a big bad-ass sky-serpent. As for keeping her secret...that's why baby form...and also because it doesn't get much cuter than this. 

Last Update's Question:

If you could be transported to live in any world from any book you've read, which world would you choose?

Here are some of the great answers I received:

"Spending a good long time in Pern.  It has been years since I first read them, but I always enjoy going back. Not strictly fantasy, but still wonderfully immersive." - Lisa

"Prythia from The Court of Thornes and Roses series by Sarah J. Mass. I'd specifically choose the night court. I absolutely adore night time, especially on a clear night where I can see the stars." - Gabby

and my personal favorite...

"Harry Potter's world. Can I age down, also???" - J

To which I say, 

"You may age in any direction you choose...(plot twist) but you will continue to age in that direction forever!"

J decided they didn't want to be Benjamin Buttoned, and picked the world from 'Protector of the Small' instead. Fair enough!

That's all for this time, thanks for sticking around, and have a fantastic weekend!


Copyright © 2017 H.G. Chambers, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 H.G. Chambers, All rights reserved.

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