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Welcome to September. I'm so excited this month because we are only ONE week away from the second book in my Love for All Times series, Time of Valor

A Scottish history professor heads to Stonehaven, Scotland, and finds more than she ever planned on...including Dougal MacGavin, an injured Highlander Laird. I've already received some 

I've already received some wonderful feedback from my advanced reader team, and I'm looking forward to sharing the book with you!

What do you think of the cover?

If you'd like to prepare and haven't yet read Bride for a Time, the first in the series, it is available on Amazon for 99 cents, or always free in Kindle Unlimited. 

I should note, however, the books are standalone stories and can be read in any order you choose.

On other note! I working with a publishing company for some of my services, including formatting of my books, cover design, and a website! I'm so happy with how it turned out. Check it out!

Stay tuned for next week!


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Recommended Reads

The first is a historical western, available through instafreebie. The second is something a little different - a contemporary romance. It includes adult-only content -- check out the Amazon page for more detail on what to watch for. Enjoy!

A Cowboy's Salvation

By Laura Fletcher

Sheriff Tex Wilson has been protecting the town of Brimstone for quite some time now. He's been the town's sheriff even during its formative years, and he's developed quite a reputation as it's tough law-enforcing sheriff. Because of his long tenure, and dedication to his job, he's also developed a very unflattering nickname, at least for him. It's a nickname that's best not said to Sheriff Tex's face. They call him “Lonesome” Tex Wilson.

Annie Portion is real “Redtail Annie” a mysterious and notorious female outlaw. No one has ever seen her face because it's always covered with a large handkerchief. Annie saw the sheriff's application on the Mail Order Bride service, and she saw it as a great opportunity. She figured her gang could strike with a lot more impunity if she were actually married to the sheriff. It's a bold, long-term plan that could work. It's a great idea that would have been perfect except for one thing; Annie is falling in love with Tex.

With their time together, Annie begins to develop feelings for Tex. She starts to develop a real liking for her life with him in Brimstone. But her gang doesn't know this, and they're getting itchy, waiting for her signal to rob the town bank, at the most opportune moment. With the stakes so high, what choice will Annie make? Who will prevail? Annie Portion, the woman who loves Tex Wilson, or “Redtail Annie” the outlaw?

Download free from instafreebie!

Cracked But Never Broken

By Kari Holloway

Marine. Rancher's son. Twin.

Damien returns from duty as a Marine, thinking he would slip right back in on the Laughing P and fill the shoes that Granddaddy once did. His family and the small town he calls home have moved on without him though, and there's no easy position for him to fill, not even Granddaddy's.

Lexi, the quiet girl next door, has held his heart since high school. Stepping in and taking the burden that was once Granddaddy's, she's now the ranch manager with rustlers and secrets of her own, leaving little time to entertain a high-school romance.

When secrets Damien thought were safely buried rear up, he can no longer tell friend from foe.

A stranger in a town that should be home, with no one on his side, can love save him, or will he be consumed by his demons?

The first in the Laughing P trilogy will leave you wanting more as we discover the strength of family, the strong women who hold it all together, and the incredible lengths one woman will go to have her happily-ever-after. A twist on the classic western romance, Kari Holloway spins the ties of love in the pine-filled woods and mountains of the south, leaving us with southern charm and small-town secrets.

Buy on Amazon or read free in Kindle Unlimited

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Bride for a Time

Jaime doesn't believe she's in the 16th century. Alec doesn't believe she's time traveled. But their feelings for each other pull them closer together as everything else is tearing them apart. Can they hold onto one another in the face of all that opposes them?

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Hearts of Starlight

She will have her freedom, no matter the cost.

He will honor his promises and hold his family together…

Together in the new world, what will the future hold?

Callum and Victoria fight their intense attraction to one another, as Callum must return to Scotland while Victoria vows to remain true to herself. Soon, however, they find themselves unlikely allies in their respective predicaments. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail?

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