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August 2017


Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the Ohio FCCLA Student Newsletter.  This newsletter is how your State Executive Council (SEC) intends on keeping in touch with you this year.

Another great thing that we will use this for is Riddler Riots! A fun and exciting way for members to stay engaged.  Each month a riddle will be posted on the newsletter and you have the chance to answer it!  Looking to get involved? More details and rules will be included down at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations Ohio Delegates

Congratulations Ohio FCCLA on all of your accomplishments at the 2017 National Leadership Conference! Thank you to our members and advisers for helping Ohio achieve the Ultimate Image Award.  Other congratulations to all of our competitive event participants that took home gold, silver, or bronze metals.  Thank you to all for an unforgettable 2017 National Leadership Conference. 

Meet Your SEC

Andrew Richardson

Hello! My name is Andrew Richardson. I’m a senior attending Otsego High School, which is a satellite of Penta Career Center. I joined FCCLA in 8th Grade, so this will be my fifth year in the organization. This year, I will be serving as your State President. Prior to serving as President, I have served as State First Vice President, and as a member of the Regional Executive Council for two years.

I participate in many activities within my school and community. I’m an active member of Student Council, Cross Country, and Track, and I trained in Tae Kwon Do for 10 years. I’ve been a member of our choir program for 5 years, and am involved in our Chorale, Men’s Choir, Swing Choir, and our acapella group, Knightmusik. In my community, I am an active member of the Boy Scouts of America, where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2016. I’m also involved in a youth program called National Youth Leadership Training, where I have been on staff for 3 years.

I look forward to the many opportunities we will discover together this year, and I can’t wait to get started! Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Erin Agan

Hey Ohio FCCLA! My name is Erin Agan, I'm from Otsego High School-Penta Career Center, and I am currently serving as your First Vice President. During my free time I love binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, adventuring in the outdoors, and spending time with my two dogs, Doug and Bengy.

I joined FCCLA the summer after my freshman year when a friend shared their experiences at the 2015 National Leadership Conference with me. Before joining FCCLA, I was a naive and eager freshman looking for my place in my community. Through FCCLA, I have found my place and become a member of a family of over 164,000 individuals, each with a unique story. This year, I challenge you to add to your unique FCCLA story and I look forward to being a part of the journey!

Shayla Combs

Hey FCCLA peeps! Shayla Combs here from Butler Tech/Middletown High School serving as your State Secretary! I love FCCLA and am currently going into my 5th year as a member. I enjoy giving back to my community through service learning, competing in Career Development Events, and leading group activities within the various clubs that I am a part of. I thoroughly believe in taking advantage of all the opportunities afforded to you in life, which is why I have seen 15 artists in concert, baked 750 cookies in one day, and crammed years worth of government functioning into 2 days. After graduation, I look forward to traveling with my bestie, moving far away for college, and embarking on the journey of a lifetime. FCCLA has instilled an amazing sense of passion, community, and work ethic in me that I am honored to be able to share with you this year.

Kadence Crum

Hey FCCLA, it’s Kadence Crum, your 2017-2018 Vice President of Member Engagement. I was born and raised in small town Oak Harbor, about 30 minutes outside of Toledo. I attend Oak Harbor High school, a satellite of Penta Career Center.  If I’m not on a stage, attending a conference, or working on a career development event you can find me at the mall, hanging out with my friends, or volunteering at my church. I have been involved in FCCLA for 6 years. Also, I am an active member of my local FFA chapter and serve as the senior rep for Student Council. Country music is my favorite music and I enjoy going to concerts. My favorite color is Princess pink, and I am a fashionista by heart. My favorite stores include American Eagle, Forever 21, and Express. I enjoy spending time by the beach, and impromptu singing. I am so excited to meet and build friendships with all of you in this upcoming year. I can’t wait to be inspired by all of you and create memories that will last a lifetime

Amitoj Kaur

Hello Ohio FCCLA! My name is Amitoj Kaur and I'm certain 90% of you probably are confused how to pronounce my name correctly so we should probably get to that now. My name is pronounced Ah-Muh-Taj-and I attend Butler Tech/Lakota West High School as a Junior! A fun fact about me is that I am a first generation American- my parents moved here from India in 1995, and five years later I become the first person in my family to ever be born in the USA! As an officer, I'm so excited to finally meet and interact with members from all over the great state of Ohio! I can't wait to spend this year with you all! 

Kimberly Tran

My name is Kimberly Tran, but you can call me Kimmie. I serve as the Vice President of Service Engagement. My favorite part of FCCLA is service learning. This is my third year in FCCLA and last year I served on the Regional Executive Council. I am the first generation of my family born in the U.S. who are from Vietnam. I attend Tallmadge High School as a senior. I was born in Akron, OH on November 20, 1999. I have 3 younger sisters and 2 dogs. I play on the Tallmadge High School varsity tennis team and I'm in National Honors Society. I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, listening to Kpop, and watching Kdramas. My favorite store is Sephora, my favorite color is pink, my favorite drink is bubble tea, and my favorite food is Phở. Thank you for this amazing oppertunity and I can't wait for this amazing year!

Mustafa Ilgin

Hey Ohio FCCLA! My name is Mustafa Ilgin and I am from Anthony Wayne High School a satellite of Penta Career Center and I am currently serving as your Vice President of Program Outreach.  First of all I am a quadruplet of three sisters and fun fact, I was the only boy. Having spent the past five years in FCCLA I have grown as a person and a leader and have been able to use theses various skills to better help out at my parent's restaurants and other school activities.  

Going into my junior year I have had a lot of experience in other activities and school clubs like French Club, Anthony Wayne Interact Club, and of course FCCLA.  In my freetime I love photography, exploring new places, reading, and hanging out with friends.  I can’t wait to meet all of you and help give you the ultimate leadership experience.

Aaron Hool

Hello FCCLA OHIO! My name is Aaron Hool and I am from Butler Tech/Talawanda High School.  I am your Vice President of Publications, that means that I made this newsletter you are reading ;)  I have a true passion for FCCLA and want to do all I can to help this organization grow into something great.  Contrary to what you may think I am still pretty green to the organization due to the fact that I only became a member LAST SEPTEMBER!!!!! On top of that, I didn’t really get involved until after 2016 national cluster meeting in Orlando Fl.  But it was at that meeting that I saw the national council up on stage and decided I wanted to be that person.  

Outside of FCCLA, I spend most of my time between school, work, the gym, sports and my motorcycle.  I am on the varsity golf, swimming, and lacrosse teams so sports keep me pretty busy.   I work as a jeweler at a local artists shop where we produce some of the coolest jewelry I have ever seen.  I am a total adrenaline junky and love doing all kinds of outlandish activities.


Welcome Back Ohio FCCLA

Welcome back Ohio FCCLA! The State Executive Council has been working hard this summer to build a program that you will enjoy. We are very excited that you will be with us for what is sure to be an unforgettable year.

Throughout this year, the SEC will be using this newsletter to provide you, the members, with the latest information about what is going on in the world of Ohio FCCLA, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Career Technical Education. Here, you will find various updates regarding our conferences and events, ideas on how to implement this year’s theme into your chapter’s activities, and a status report regarding Ohio’s service learning project: Our Kids, Our Family. Additionally, you may find information about a specific Career Development Event, or an occasional update from the National FCCLA Association. We hope that you continue to refer to this newsletter during the year as we prepare for Chapter Officer Training, FCCLA Leadership Training, Regional Conferences, Competitive Events, and State Leadership Conference.

The SEC and I look forward to a year of helping you become !nspiRED through Ohio FCCLA, as we continue our push toward new horizons! We can’t wait to get started!

Spread the Red

One of the most important aspects of growing and sustaining a chapter of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is through membership recruitment. There are many ways in which to reach out to your peers and community. Whether it be free pizza or presenting at your school’s open house, all are great ways to recruit enthusiastic young leaders. With the 2017-2018 school year quickly approaching, now is a great time to begin planning recruitment events for your local chapter! Let’s hear from some of our chapters on how they recruit members.

“My chapter recruited this past year by setting up a table at freshman orientation to get the word out about what FCCLA is and about how it impacts our lives. We also set up a new member lunch, where returning members all brought 1-2 people who aren’t in FCCLA and we played games, ate, and did a service project!” -Lauren Bradshaw, Tallmadge High School

“ Every year, our chapter members set up an informational booth at our school’s open house. This is a great time to reach out to our community members and peers and to educate them on the limitless opportunities FCCLA provides students with.” -Joseph Difeterici, Otsego High School - Penta Career Center

“Mrs. Mckinney, our wonderful adviser, is always telling the kids in her class to sign up and our chapter puts up posters, does a charity event, and has an FCCLA day where we tell others how great FCCLA is and how much leadership we have learned!” -Rebecca Singleton, Butler Tech -Edgewood High School


State Project

This year’s State Outreach Project will be Our Kids, Our Family. As a state, we will focus on helping underprivileged children in our communities. FCCLA has the family as the central focus of our organization and children are a key aspect of families. The project focuses on FCCLA’s second purpose, “to strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society”. Through various service projects this year, we can help relieve stress from families, increase happiness and wellness, and give the youth in our community a better perspective on life.


Article Submissions

Ohio FCCLA is working hard this year to keep in touch with our members with the institution of the Ohio FCCLA Student Newsletter.  One thing we hope to do with this new tool is to help highlight some of the great things that Ohio FCCLA is doing.  If your chapter is doing anything extraordinary email an article that you would like to have featured to ahool@ohiofccla.org, Aaron Hool, your Vice President of Publications.  If you have any other questions feel free to email Aaron.

FCCLA Leadership Training (FLT)

FCCLA Leadership Training (FLT) is almost here!  This is a great opportunity for Ohio FCCLA members to network with other chapter members and develops leadership skills.  FLT will be held on October 9- 10  There are many events and challenges that we will be participating in that will promote personal growth, leadership development, teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills.


Officer Training

This year the Great State of Ohio is offering all Ohio FCCLA chapter officers the opportunity to grow and develop their leadership ability.  This opportunity is a great way to learn valuable skills for running a successful chapter.  Please check the listing below to see when your region will be holding their Chapter Officer Training. We hope to see you there!  Registration opens August 1st


Region 1: August 30 4:00 - 7:00 pm Pioneer Career Center

Region 2: August 31 4:00 - 7:00 pm R G Drage CTC

Region 3: September 6 4:00 - 7:00 pm Pickaway Ross CC

Region 4: September TBA 4:00 - 7:00 pm Miami Valley CTC

7 steps to becoming an Outstanding Chapter

Hello Ohio FCCLA! Are you interested in becoming an outstanding chapter in Ohio? If so, I have 7 easy steps to get you started.


  • Develop a year-long agenda with events, social media, and training included.
  • As a chapter, participate in National programs and state service projects.
  • Members of your chapter should develop and carry-out personal achievement projects and Career Development Events.
  • Attend many of the State and National events.
  • Utilize social media and press outlets to push public relations efforts.
  • Members should aim to go above and beyond by running for offices, writing grants, etc.
  • Encourage your adviser to partake in the various opportunities afforded to them with FCCLA and FCS throughout the year.


If you have any questions, all of the above-stated information is laid out in detail on the Ohio FCCLA website.  

Social Media

 As we begin the new school year what better way to start off than posting what you’re thankful for? Therefore, our monthly hashtag for August will be #AugustAppreciation. Take this month to shout out/show us how your advisors, chapter officers, fellow chapter members, or even a friend you had met earlier this year have InspiRED you! Also be sure to enable post notifications on our media so you can participate in our daily conversations and polls. This is going to be a year you don’t want to miss! Make sure you tag Ohio FCCLA in your posts, so we can like, comment, and share!

Career Fields

There are three career fields that are directly related to FCCLA and its core values.  These career fields include Family and Consumer Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, and Education and Training.  Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is a set of courses that draw from a range of topics including education, business, social, economic, cultural, technological, geographical, and political issues to help students achieve optimal and sustainable living for themselves, their families, and their communities.  

Hospitality and Tourism offers hands-on and traditional classroom learning in order to prepare students for postsecondary education and a future in careers related to culinary arts, food service operations and hospitality, and travel services.

Education and Training also offers hands-on and tradition classroom learning to prepare students for postsecondary education and careers in planning, managing, and providing and training services and related learning support services.  

For more information of the career fields, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website, click on the Topics tab and scroll to Career Tech.  From there you can find the Family and Consumer Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, and Education and Training, links as well as other Career-Technical programs.

Chapter Visits

How can the State Executive Council come and inspire your chapter this year? We are so excited to build friendships and spend time with your chapter. The chapter visit is unique to each school and we are flexible to your schedule. Chapter visits can include but are not limited to interactive workshops, keynote speaking, membership recruitment and so much more. The State Executive Council request form is located on the Ohio FCCLA homepage. A State Executive Council would love to help your chapter become InspiRED!


Riddler Riot!!! (Rules)

This year in our newsletter we will be adding a new challenge for all of Ohio FCCLA members... The Riddler Riot challenge!  The rules to this game are as follows... each months newsletter will feature a new riddle at the bottom of the page.  All members that wish to participate will have 10 days to tweet out their answer to that month's riddle with the #OhioFCCLARiddleRiots.  After the 10 days is up the first 10 people to tweet out the answers will be featured on the Ohio FCCLA social media pages as that month's winners.  At the end of the year at State Leadership Conference, the member with the most wins will win a special prize!!! 

Riddler Riot (Riddle)

There are three light bulbs in the attic and three light switches in the basement that go to the three light bulbs, but you don't know which goes to which.  

You are tasked with finding out which switch goes to which light bulb. The only problem is that you can only make one trip from the basement to the attic!  

What do you do to figure out which light switch goes to which light bulb in only one trip? 

A big thank you in advance from your State Executive Council team for your support throughout this amazing year.

Best regards
State Executive Council
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