I forgot to tell you that I made custom Mental Health Awareness bracelets!  They feature part of a lyric to my song Born A Stranger...  "The Courage To Sing It".  I want more people will talk openly about mental health issues, to reduce the stigma and encourage those who sufferer to seek help.  Please support the cause and buy one now!  $5 will get you a bracelet, and every dollar that you contribute above that will go directly to Mental Health Awareness Advocacy.  Get one at melissagreener.com/mental, and share the link to spread the love!  Giving a little can do a whole lot.  THANK YOU!  .mg

Well Friends,

I expected to have a pretty chill summer here at home, but it's been one adventure after the next:  1. I rescued a little pup from being attacked by two giant dobermans; 2. I did a photoshoot with my brilliant photographer friend; 3. I'm finalizing dates for my European fall tour - September, October, and November; and 4. I'm in cahoots with a major hero record producer, discussing my next recording project..  Whatever, no biggie..  (OMG, I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!  But I can't cause it's not a "done deal" just yet!  I hope I didn't 'jinx' it by saying it out loud!)  Fingers crossed!  Standby..

Next month I'll fly to Greece to teach at a songwriting retreat in a small fishing village on the south coast of Crete.  I know, life's tough.  There are still a couple of spots left if you'd like to come!  You don't have to be a songwriter.  You can use the time do any creative work.  More info down below in the show listings.  I'll be staying an extra week to have my own personal writing retreat, basking in the sun-spilled shore of the Libyan Sea, eating fresh fish, olives, goat, and grapes.

The tour continues on to the Netherlands, Germany, England, and Ireland following the retreat.  If you'd like to host a House Concert anywhere thereabouts, I would love to come to your living room and play my songs for you and your friends!  Simply "Reply" to this email and lets discuss the possibilities!  Show info below in the listings.  More dates will be posted soon!

My friend Mark Tucker is so damn brilliant a photographer it makes me want to cry.  His eye is laser sharp, his artistic vision just as on point.  I was so honored to spend an afternoon with Mark a couple of weeks ago, playing "dress-up" and pretending to be a rock star.  <Folk star?>  Please visit his website and revel in his gorgeous images!

THE FALLOW YEAR:  Songs of Solace for the Suffering 

That is the name of the new album I have been writing songs for.  You may have heard some of these songs at shows in their earliest form..  And European friends, you'll hear them this coming season.  They are songs that came from my darkest hour, and have beckoned me out into the light of day.  I have witnessed that same spark in others when they approach me after a show, and on my social media sites.  Because of the healing power of these songs, and the road I have trudged, I am considering this album an advocacy project for Mental Health Awareness.  My intention is to team up with (one or more) individuals, institutions, and organizations that support such work, and perform benefit concerts, lead workshops, give talks, and offer whatever service I'm equipped to.  

If you know someone in the field of Mental Health, Behavioral / Substance Addiction, or Family Dysfunction Issues I would love to be put in touch with them for a conversation!  You can always "Reply" and it will go directly to me.  

If things go as I hope, in December I'll be recording these songs with a producer who has made the most influential albums of my life, for some of my musical heroes.  So, say a prayer, hold a thought, send some good ju-ju, a wish, a benediction..  All posi-vibes will be gratefully accepted!  More to come!!!

Until then, 
I remain humbly yours,
Ever grateful,




And Thank You for Reading all the way to the End!  
You are Awesome!!!


Before I cross the pond for Europe I'll be in the Northeast US... 

Friday, August 25th
- I'm available for a house concert in the Northeastern United States!  Hit "Reply" and lets talk about it!  Massechusets, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York State... 

September 7 - 14
Crete International Songwriter Retreat
I am the Invited Artist at this years retreat on the south coast of Greece's largest island.  Come bask in the sea salted air and get inspired!  
There is still space if you'd like to attend.  
Info here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/598296530368831

Sept 15 - 21
Personal Writing Retreat. 

September 21 - October 3

October 5 - November 6
NETHERLANDS & GERMANY, and... ?  Hit me!

October 9
Augsburg, Germany

October 14
Berlin Gutiars
Berlin, Germany

November 3
Podium Cafe
Steendam, Netherlands

November 8 - 13 , ENGLAND

November 15 - 21 , IRELAND

November 18
DC Music Club
Dublin, Ireland

November 20
Ballymore Acoustic Gigs
Ballymore Eustice, Ireland