UPDATE: Libertus Rubedo

Entry Two of "Libertus Rubedo" added to the site!

"For the first summoning of his sentence, Camilla the Shrike calls on Libertus — no, Lesley — to settle what appears to be a family feud."

Read Entry Two of LIBERTUS RUBEDO Here!

Little Foolery's STORY RATINGS have improved!

The ratings across all stories are better defined and also have been marked more prominently.

We believe in putting as much control in our audience to decide for themselves what content they should or should not be consuming and to what lengths they want to be challenged.

To help our audiences make the most informed decisions possible for their fictional consumption, every story page has an optional click-on menu for a list of Content Warnings of potential triggering material, and a marked rating of G (General), T (Teen), and M (Mature).

More Information Here!

Little Foolery migrated from Patreon to KO-FI!

We have ended our presence on Patreon, and have migrated to Ko-Fi as our new hub for for all story development information and audience support options!

All story development is publically viewable, with donation options being opt-in, either one-time or monthly.

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