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In this update we're pleased to be sharing details about our Beginner Courses moving forward and a sneak-peak about our summer plans. As ever, we always welcome constructive feedback and your comments. If you could spare 2 minutes and leave us a positive review on Facebook, we'd really appreciate it! (Link below)

If you've recently joined our Foundations or Intermediate classes, don't forget you can save 5% at checkout if you book 4 or more classes spaces in a single booking, details of how to block book are available at the top of the booking system page.

Our Next Beginner Courses

We're back at Hadleigh Park to deliver our next Beginner Courses!

For 5 consecutive weeks, our highly experienced coaches will help new learners develop core areas of Parkour movement, how to train safely and have plenty of challenging fun in the process.

Successful completion of the course will enable Beginner Course students to join our weekly Foundations or Intermediate Classes as determined by the coaching team.

The dates for our next 3 courses are as follows: 

Monday 29th May - 26th June: 5:30pm - 7pm
Booking live from Sat 13th May 9am.

Monday 3rd July - 31st July:  5:30pm - 7pm
Booking live from Sat 27th May 9am

Monday July 31st - Aug 28th: 10:30am - 12pm
Booking live from Fri 30th July 9am.

We believe in the course content and have made these courses a mandatory requirement for Junior aged students joining our weekly junior classes.

Our Beginner Courses not only allow learners to develop a good knowledge of Parkour and how to train safely, but also helps our coaches get to know students and tailor our coaching to each individual. 

Early Bird Tickets and savings available for the first 48 hours of booking for each Course cohort!

New Foundations Class coming soon!

We will be adding a Monday Foundations Class at Hadleigh on completion of the first Beginner Course listed above, ready for our next course completers and existing students who may prefer to learn on a Monday/in Hadleigh. Those who have already completed a Beginner Course and received the "moving on" email are welcome to join these at launch.

These will run rain or shine and will help develop our foundations learners ability adding in 

More details to follow about this Foundations Class in the coming weeks via our booking system.


Southend Parkour clothing is available to order now via our website, as loyal SP Newsletter subscribers we are offering a discount code of you place an order this month!

Place an order for £30 or more and you will receive 20% off at checkout. Enter " SUMMER-READY " at checkout.

Discover Parkour with Brad at Hadleigh Parkour Park

Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you looking to improve or maintain fitness and mobility? 

Look no further!! 

Join lead coach Brad Moss on Saturday mornings as we explore, discover and move together.

All levels of ability welcome in these sessions designed to be an inclusive, fun and explorative opportunity to give Parkour a go! 

Questions? Drop us an email here.

Ready to go? Book below!

If you've recently joined us, thank you!

We'll only ever email you about our work and for Southend Parkour purposes and will never pass on your personal information.

To make it easier and clearer to use the booking system to check classes, block book and save, there are guides available at the top of the booking system page to help you with some key functionality.

We are working hard behind the scenes to expand classes in both quantity and type: In the coming weeks we're aiming to share details for our: Summer Holiday Timetable (For current Foundations and Intermediate classes) in Southend and Hadleigh, Family Classes, Taster Sessions and more. 

As ever, follow via our social media channels below to keep up to date with everything we're up to and where we're going!

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