Hello, and welcome to the 2018 garden cycle!

So, you have all those seed catalogs and no plan? This email is intended to help you create a plan for your garden and order the right seeds and supplies at the right time. 

The source of the schedule...

This was the first garden we built in 2009. We arrived in July, so it was a late start. This little plot was dug right next to the back entrance of the house where the soil was rich and well drained. We planted a crabapple in this spot the day Bob's mom passed in 2010. 

When Bob and I came to the farm in 2009, neither of us had any real experience with producing vegetables in quantity. We invested a great deal of resources in developing a seasonal plan for the market garden that keeps the garden productive almost every month of the year. 

I would love to know your garden story. Can you email me and tell me how you manage the winter in your garden?

This download is a pdf copy of our seed starting schedule for February and March. In January, I am primarily focused on growing microgreens in our basement grow area and ordering seeds. But, in February, we start seeds to ensure plants are ready to be placed in raised beds as soon as the ground thaws or seeds are direct sown as early as possible.

This seed starting guide is intended for gardeners who have the infrastructure of a four season garden. If you do not have cold frames or hoop houses that shelter seeds and plants from freezes and frosts, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PLAN. Wait until April to direct seed anything, including peas, arugula, and spinach. I'd hate to see you waste your money...

This is our four season market garden at its height of production. We're taking a break this winter, but this picture is making me anxious to get back out there and grow something!

Need a garden buddy?

Feel free to reply to this email with questions. I'll love talking garden with anyone and everyone! 

Until the eclipse...


PS - Are you in the January Seasonal Living Challenge? This week's email (mailed Saturday) is focused on gardening and growing your own food (even without a garden). It's not too late to join!

PPS - Here's the link to the February Seasonal Living Challenge! 

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