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2017 started off full-swing. This also holds true in our field of action: startup-corporate collaboration. Awareness and interest in creating "more" by collaborating is getting hotter on a daily basis; still too often, the promised value is not translated into tangible business impact. This certainly does not discourage us, quite the contrary, we are working harder than ever to make startup-corporate collaboration simple and successful!  

In this respect we are dedicating our first perspective 2017 to the topic of collaboration: Please find below our most recent report, an interesting and likewise enlightening interview with one of Europe's "oldest" Match-Makers and one of our most recent matched by Match-Maker Ventures success stories.

We hope that you remain positive and keep on striving to make 1+1 = 3! Enjoy the read and collaborate! 

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Thought Leadership: The race to startups

In our most recent report we shed light on how corporates can benefit from startups' innovation power to deliver a more immediate business impact. 

Together with our partner acccoi, a specialist in setting up Business Accelerators and enabling true Open Innovation, we review corporates' options to benefit from the startup boom. In our most recent report we share our combined experiences and provide hands-on recommendations on how to setup a Business Accelerator. 

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Learning from Europe's collaboration forerunners

We had the pleasure to speak to Alberto Onetti about Silicon Valley, the European startup vision and the “elephants” we still need to move in Europe. He is one of the key players of the European corporate-startup ecosystem as Chairman of Mind the Bridge and coordinator of the Startup Europe Partnership

Just as proud as Alberto is about everything he has done so far, including all his mistakes (although we doubt there were many…), we are proud that Alberto took the time to talk with us. We are looking forward to intensifying our collaboration with Startup Europe Partnership and Mind the Bridge in the months and years to come.

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Matched by MMV: AdScanner and A1

Our portfolio company AdScanner is the owner and developer of the first international solution for automated detection and digital archiving of TV commercials. Its superior analytical capabilities enable to measure and improve RoI of TV advertising. 

Just recently (see press release here) we were able to create another win:win collaboration for AdScanner. By collaborating with Austrian incumbent A1 we were able to setup Austria's largest next generation TV panel enabling unique insights to actual TV ad consumption.  

Eager to find out more? Reach out to us!

Meet us at ...

Intrapreneurship Conference (Vienna, February 23): Match-Maker Ventures will host a workshop on creating value for corporates by collaborating with startups

Mobile World Congress/4YFN (Barcelona, February 27 to March 1): We are looking for the best startups and will run two pitching sessions at the founders and investors section at 4YFN. In addition we will host a workshop on making corporate-startup collaboration simple and successful

M2M Forum 2017 (Vienna, March 28-30): Match-Maker Ventures will host a "startup roast" at Europe's leading IoT conference hosted in the beautiful city hall of Vienna. IoT startups looking to present in front of a great crowd, reach out to us!

TV Connect (London, April 26 - 28): We will moderate a panel on "Putting the personal into Personalization" and will make sure we stay ahead of TV innovation

GTB Summit (London, May 23): The Global Telecom Business will host the Telecoms Innovation Summit in London and at the event the most innovative & successful project partnerships of the last 12 months will be announced and the very best projects will be featured. Our CEO, acting as an advisory board member will review the applications from around the global, will it be application, design, network or product and will make sure, that the best will win! 

Please reach out to us, if you want to participate or want to meet us at any of the events! 

Knowledge Nugget - Collaboration is hot! 

Number of corporates (blue) and startups (yellow) who have already entered some form of startup-corporate collaboration (see our study The Age of Collaboration).

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