Happy Halloween

Hello Family and Friends,

WE certainly hope YOU had a great Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago!

Continuing the theme of Jackson Asher’s "Firsts", we had coordinated an initial shoot for his "First Thanksgiving" video in early November. Sadly, Jackson had his "First Cold" during that shoot and he was miserable. So we had to go back to our initial location and re-shoot when he was feeling better (just before Turkey Day).



Jackson Asher at the initial shoot
not feeling well.

Jackson Asher at the re-shoot
feeling & looking great!

We hope you’ll enjoy the video below and the super-special guest appearances! (Don’t worry, mommy was very safe in her fowl wrangling skills!)

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Jackson Asher is a WINNER!

The photo above was taken on Halloween night and was selected as the WINNER in the Susie Cakes "#CelebrateWithSusie" contest! 

In the background you can see Jackson’s Halloween Countdown Calendar and Halloween Cards from family and friends.

Yes! Brian and I devoured the cupcake as soon as he went to sleep. We are getting practice as we prepare to eat Santa’s Cookies.

We’ll be sharing Jackson’s big victory prizes at his upcoming Los Angeles Meet-n-Greet Party (we’ll be announcing this after Christmas).


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We hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Festivities and we look forward to sharing more great updates with you!

As always, feel free to reach out to us at KriBri@HoldonLog.com so we can connect and catch up!

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