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Per Diem Legal Services by Harper J. Dimmerman

It is a fact that paying full-time attorneys can be cost prohibitive and inordinately stressful. Was the work performed reasonably well? Did my associate meet the deadline I imposed? Do I need to impose early deadlines on them just to avoid my associates missing the real deadlines? How can I possibly justify billing the client for this work product? It has to be redone and now I have to eat the time and pay the associate too, just because he/she is salaried? I cannot believe I am actually paying someone for this aggravation! I cannot do all the work myself but do not know where else to turn.

Believe me, I have been plagued by the same issues. Two small firms are already benefitting from my research, drafting and consulting services. Call or email me to start increasing your productivity and bottom line now. I want to help and I am uniquely qualified to do so. After all, I have been there myself and can empathize.

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Harper J. Dimmerman, Attorney at Law

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