New Story: "Libertus Rubedo"

A new light novel story available as an online serial, set to update chapters bi-weekly.

"Lesley is a unicorn framed for crimes he didn't commit. He is sentenced to serve midst a Witch's War alongside creatures of the dark, a scenario that surely sets him up for a swift and brutal demise. In his desperation to survive and clear his name, he makes an unlikely alliance with a fellow convict: an ogre named Daiki."

Read Entry One of "Libertus Rubedo" here!

Check out Alex Singer's new novel, "MINOTAUR"!

In case you missed it, Alex Singer published her first novel, "Minotaur" in early March, via Wordfire Press.

"As daughter of the royal architect, Ikki set out to discover a new world the day she flew her homemade bi-plane up beyond Crete’s artificial sun. Instead, she crashed her plane, found herself on trial for a crime she’s convinced she didn’t commit, and is exiled to the Labyrinth — the city’s ever-shifting mechanical core. If Ikki can return in seven days, she will be declared innocent by the gods of Crete, but, lost among the moving walls and pursued by a diabolical engine large enough to shake the floors, she soon realizes there is a reason no one has ever returned. Determined to clear her name, her only hope for escape lies in the very thing that’s hunting her: a fearsome beast known only as the Minotaur."

"Minotaur" available in ebook and paperback!

Physical books available at our Hivemill store!

Due to changing tides, we are no longer with Sparkler to distribute our books. While we are thankful for our time with them, it's given us the opportunity to help us centralize our wares into a single storefront from this point on via Hivework's service, "Hivemill."

Book copies of Sfeer Theory chapters, That Which Wills, and Small Town Witch are now available on our Hivemill store for purchase, along with our Ebooks and Art Posters!

Our store at Hivemill

Little Foolery attending TCAF & VanCAF in May 2018!

Both writer (Alex Singer) and artist (Jayd Aït-Kaci) will be attending Toronto Comics Art Festival 2018, May 12 & 13.

The following week, the artist (Jayd Aït-Kaci) and Little Foolery's letterist (Ariana Maher) will also be attending Vancouver Comics Art Festival 2018, May 19 & 20.

If you are in either area (or both!), come say hi!

Happy Reading,
Jayd Aït-Kaci Artist

Little Foolery