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Please read below for a coaching review and details for classes moving into 2017 including price changes, start dates and what to expect.

TL;DR Update for January 2017: More info below.

- Class prices will be changing and discount features added.

- Classes should start back up on the 4th January.

- Email will follow over the next day or two for last beginner course attendees regarding place payments

Out Story So Far...

We hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break with family and friends. Please read this update carefully as it will affect most students moving into 2017.

Southend Parkour has existed since around 2004, with a group of 15-17 year olds, training together in Southend and London. Members of the community have come and gone but for the dedicated few, Parkour became a way of approaching life and method for learning together, an ethos and community we have been leading as part of a part-time-profession in the area since 2014.

Based on evidence shared from parents and adult students themselves, our Parkour coaching is making a real difference in students' lives; developing physical movement skills, practical, every-day fitness as-well-as the mental benefits that come from Parkour, decision-making, improved confidence, self-reliance, resilience and a greater understanding of the environments we find ourselves in.

Parkour is a specialist "sport", coached by passionate people which has the power to changes lives. We've seen shy students, assert themselves and share their realisations, we've seen beginners with a lack of attention become mindful movers and we've seen students share their own passions with their fellow learners and wider community. These are a few broad examples we've seen across many students.

This kind of impact is only possible from coaches dedicating themselves to their cause, investing in; own-practice, going professional development, insurance, professional registration, advertising, admin-costs, friendship and family, living-costs, food, equipment, hire, staffing, expenses... and possibly the biggest and more undervalued investment needed for all the above, time. Recently this has lead to other organisations ceasing classes entirely due to the levels of commitment needed to continue this kind of organisation.

We care about our students and want them to become the best that they can be, improve who they are and belong to a culture that cares for their own and for others' well-being.

As we near the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, I once again want to say thank you for being a part of our community, being a part of helping others to realise their potential.


Tiny Traceurs Classes: On Hiatus.

In order to cater for the growing demand for the Tiny Traceurs Classes and ensure the best learning environment for our young students, we've had to put a hold on these classes until a suitable replacement venue can be found. Please accept our apologies for this break, but it is a priority to get these back up and running as soon as possible. Do keep in touch and keep an eye on your email inbox, facebook and news page of the website for information. If you know of anywhere suitable (Space, availability and equipment), please do get in touch.


Class price changes: Why?

We have done our best to keep prices as low as possible over the years in order to ensure fair access to our classes. Due to further changes from venues, insurers and fees which we have to pay to provide coaching; we have to amend prices moving into 2017 to keep classes continuing. Until we are in a position to afford a "home" specifically for our Parkour coaching and training, we have to continue to rely on certain spaces with suitable equipment and this is hard to come by and at a premium in the area.

Our classes meet our National Governing Body recommendations for coach:student ratios, falling in line with our insurances and training. This enable at least some specific contact-time between coach and each student to help, support and guide learning.

Moving into the year, we will continue to expand on classes, develop new learning opportunities both indoor an outdoor for all students so please continue to share, review and keep in contact with feedback so we can provide the best service we can.


Class price changes: What will this look like?

As of the 2nd January 2017 booking fees via bookwhen will be removed and our junior classes will be rounded up to £8 per class.

Bookings of 4 or more spaces will receive a 5% discount and will be automatically applied at checkout. Please read the guide for block booking at the top of the booking page.

4 or more individually booked classes will not be eligible for this discount. 48 hour class cancellation/transfer policy will still apply to future classes booked. See website for details.

Outdoor classes will remain the same price for the time being and will include the block booking discount option.

Examples: Current pricing: a single class would cost around £7.44 including booking fee; New Pricing: an individual class would cost £8.00 total.

Current pricing: 4  week Junior booking would cost approximately £29.02 including booking fees, New Pricing: cost £30.40 total. 

A 4 week adult outdoor booking will cost £30.40

This will all come into play from Midday on Monday 2nd January 2017. If you want to book classes now under the current pricing/system, you can do so via the link below. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Next Junior Beginners Course Starts Jan 16th.

The next beginners course will be delivered in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle and Active Rochford. Spaces will be limited to 15 students only, aged 8-15 years. 

Please call Clements Hall to book on 01702 207777. 
(We are not handling bookings for this course).

You will have to book and pay over the phone so have your credit/debit card ready. Alternatively, you can book and pay in person on site, booking will close a week before the start date.

Book now to avoid missing out!

We'd like to wish all students, parents and the wider community a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2017!


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