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Happy November!
I'm excited to tell you about Lost Bride a new time travel romance. This is a Highland Passage romance. Each of these share a time travel premise, but feature a separate cast of characters, so you can read them in any order. I hope you'll enjoy Lost Bride!


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His future is her past and their love is lost somewhere in between.

Lucy Buchanan has been jilted. When her groom arrives at the altar and announces the wedding is canceled, she flees into the woods. (It was either that or the Hudson River.) Hearing well-meaning but unhelpful bridesmaids approaching, she ducks into a stone chamber and emerges on the other side, where she’s about to be trampled by a horse.

She’s rescued from danger by Rory Munro, the valiant but troubled son of a wealthy Highland laird. At first convinced that she’s dreaming, Lucy begins to realize that she’s stumbled into 1746 Scotland and must find her way back through what Rory calls the “fairy cairn.” In the meanwhile, she might just be falling in love.

Betrayed years ago, Rory is certain he’ll never love again. Then a lost bride awakens the trust in his heart that was broken. If Lucy leaves, she’ll return to a time when his future is her past and their love is lost somewhere in between.

The Highland Passage novels are stand-alone books that can be read in any order.


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