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  • MIDSUMMER -¬†Come and celebrate with us between 22-25 June!
  • NO MIND -¬†This year's schedule is now online!
  • AFTER NO MIND - Belly2Belly and Family Constellation.
  • GEN ECOVILLAGE CONFERENCE - One video, all answers!
  • TANTRA OFFER - Reduced price offer ends on June 25th.
  • TANTRA MOVIE - Are you our new movie star?
  • LATE BIRD FEE - Book your tickets early, avoid extra fee!

√Ąngsbacka Magic is rising¬†all around!¬†Exciting festival summer has finally started with Sexsibility on June 14th and now we are ready to celebrate¬†Midsummer! In the meantime, the family has grown bigger with the arrival of our summer volunteers and a sweet rush has taken all of us over. In this newsletter you'll¬†see for yourself the love, joy, growth and fun that is waiting to overflow¬†in the upcoming days. Come and join us for an extraordinary summer experience.¬†Come as you are!

Welcome to relax and enjoy togetherness, nature and yummy food during the lightest days of the year ‚Äď Midsummer @ √Ąngsbacka 2017!

This year we focus on inclusiveness and we have a beautiful program for children, youth and adults. We are also extra happy to have the organization HBTQ Spirit visiting us with their inspiring workshops. So come alone or bring family and friends for the Midsummer celebration of life and light! 

Book Your Place!

No Mind Festival's preliminary program schedule is now online!

8 mind-blowing days with more than 200 event! Meditations, workshops, satsangs, music, dance, yoga, bodywork, creativity and much more... Check it out on our website and design your own No Mind journey. Have fun!

Please note that this schedule is only for adult oriented events. The program schedules' that apply to children and youth are on the way!

See the Program

Deepening Courses After No Mind

Family Constellation - Love, Life & Death with Svagito Liebermeister - 8-9 July

Family Constellation is a method that helps us find peace and reconciliation with the members of our family, or anyone with whom we are closely related. We learn to understand the underlying cause of any relationship problem, and discover that we are deeply connected to the collective energy field of our family or culture, and how this shapes our behaviour and our decisions in life.

Watch the video and learn further about Family Constellation therapy with Svagito's own words!

More about the Course

Belly2Belly for Parents and Children with David Cates - 9-10 July

Parent and child is one of the most profound loves we can experience as humans. What if there was a simple practice, a daily game, that brought us back together for ten precious minutes every day? Deeper than words: the profound connection of body to body, belly to belly, heart to heart?

Watch the video and learn further about Belly2Belly exercise with David Cates' own words!

More about the Course

GEN Ecovillage Conference 16-20 July

Conference manager Katie Kukolj invites you to¬†√Ąngsbacka between 16-20 July for the 21st edition of yearly¬†GEN Ecovillage Conference. Watch the video to have all the answers that you might be wondering about: What is it? Who is coming? Why? And much more!

More about the GEN Conference

Tantra Festival 1-6 August

‚ÄúOnce Tantra touches our soul, an overflow of love allows us to become part of Love‚Äôs revolution‚Äďreaching out into the world.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Lin Holmquist / Tantra Festival Coordinator

A purpose this year is to allow the amazing experiences of the festival to spread out into the world. We can all be the Revolution of Love we are longing for! #loverevolution

Don't miss the REDUCED price offer until June 25th to be part of the Love Revolution between 1-6 August at Tantra Festival!

Catch the offer now!

Are you Tantra Festival's new movie star?

Are you a movie star? Do you want to inspire others in this meaningful tantric travel? Do you want to add even more fun to your festival experience? 

√Ąngsbacka‚Äôs Media Team is looking for participants that will join the Tantra Festival this year during 1-6 August. Our dream is to make a short movie about Tantra at √Ąngsbacka and we really hope that you would like to be part of this exciting project and let us share your story and adventure!

Please check out our blog to know more about the project and whom we're looking for!

Learn More and Apply!

Book Early - avoid the "LATE BIRD FEE"!

Help us to plan and reduce stress by booking early!

Recent years many has booked their tickets the last days before a festival starts. This gives us stress and makes it hard to plan. Shall we order food for 350 or 420 persons? Do we need to rent extra kitchen equipment or not? This year, in order to reduce stress and food waste, there will be a LATE BIRD FEE of 300 SEK if you book your tickets the last three days before a festival. And if you buy your ticket at the gate (when on-line booking is closed) the fee is 500 SEK. So please help us and yourself by booking in good time. Thanks!

Upcoming events

Yoga Festival

Relax, Restore, Retreat

23-29 July

Tantra Festival

 Love Revolution

1-6 August

ISTA Level-1

Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic

8-14 August
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