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November 2017

Welcome Back!!!!!

Welcome back...

Welcome back, members! we are so excited to share with you what new and exciting things have happened and are coming up through Ohio FCCLA!  Below we have included a recap of our big events from this past month and we also have some new and exciting opportunities for you get involved in! And as always check out this month's Riddler Riot.

Whats New!!!!!

FCCLA Leadership Training (run down)

“We didn't realize we were making memories, we were just having fun!” On October 9th and 10th, members from all across the state gathered at Heartland Retreat Center for this year’s FCCLA Leadership Training. We had a total of 476 people in attendance, 399 of them being members! Members had the opportunity to take part in many different leadership development activities and fun events that were truly priceless. The highlight of the training was the Wilderness Rush Race where members partook in a costume contest and ran a 2-mile course with challenging obstacles. Some other things they got to do was write letters to someone who inspires them, write their FCCLA legacy, and strengthen chapter bonds through the Team Challenge courses and the Wacky Olympics. As an added bonus, members had the opportunity to go zip lining!  Lastly, members made washcloth bears and bunnies that will go into our hygiene kits which Ohio FCCLA will be donating to underprivileged youth at the end of this year. If you attended, we cannot wait to see you at Regional Conferences and if not, make sure to register next year AND join us at Regional Conferences in January! A huge thank you is extended to Heartland Retreat Center for hosting FLT, Joree Novotny and Andy Platko for being guest speakers, and the various chapter advisers who made mud run cleanup go smoothly.

-Shayla Combs, State Secretary

Career Development Events

Members have the opportunity to compete in Career Development Events (CDE’s). CDE’s are divided into three categories: Career Preparation, Professional Skills, and Ohio Only. Tools including guidelines and rubrics can be found on ohiofccla.org under the “Competitive Events” tab. Those who compete at the Regional Competition will have the opportunity to qualify for the State Competitive Event Competition, which will take place at the Ohio Expo Center on April 26, 2018. We look forward to seeing all of your unique and exciting Career Development Events at Regional and State Competition! 

-Erin Agan, First Vice President


FCCLA Week is right around the corner and the State Executive Council and I have been working hard to come up activities to get your chapters even more excited about celebrating all things FCCLA!  

  • February 12, 2018: Membership Monday - National FCS Day!
  • February 13, 2018: Teamwork Tuesday
  • February 14, 2018: Wear Red Wednesday  
  • February 15, 2018: Thankful Thursday
  • February 16, 2018: Family Friday - FCCLA@theTABLE 


Membership Monday

Celebrate National FCS Day! Thank your FCS teachers for everything they do.  We also want to celebrate Ohio FCCLA members on Membership Monday.  To do this, we will be giving away free passes to have a meet and greet with the SEC at State Leadership Conference!

Teamwork Tuesday

Post videos of your chapter teamwork skills on social media!  This could be a team challenge activity or a service learning project.

Wear Red Wednesday

Make sure your whole school is covered from floor to ceiling in red, white, and black!  Make locker signs, posters, and promote FCCLA through public announcements at school and on social media.

Thankful Thursday

Ohio FCCLA receives a tremendous amount of support from Ohio FCCLA Endowment and from communities from across the state.  Complete a service learning project on Thankful Thursday to help raise money in support of Ohio FCCLA Endowment or your local community.

Family Friday

Celebrate all things family with FCCLA at the Table!  Have a sit-down meal with your family today and share pictures on social media using the #FCCLA@theTable.  Invite students to your FCCLA chapter meeting and make them part of your FCCLA family!


FCCLA Leadership Training Highlight!!

Kaleigh Sends In...

"FLT was a life-changing experience and I was so happy to spend a few days with my friends! I learned new ways to encourage others! I enjoyed every minute of it and hope that my other get to experience FLT."

Kaitlyn Hall Shares...

"My name is Kaitlyn Hall, I go to Penta Career Center... My home school is Oak Harbor.

I haven't been apart of FCCLA long, so I have only participated in on the event.  This event was the camp for two days, and I have to say the experience was amazing!  It was really cool to meet new people and to be able to work with them as a team... It made you get out of your comfort zone!"

Makayla Readnour Writes...

"My chapter is from Centerburg and we learned so much at FLT. We formed friendships that will last a lifetime and learned many new leadership skills that will help us in years to come."

Abigail Writes...

"I am Abby form Maryville Ohio. Words can't describe my experience at FLT.  Meeting new friends and coming together to better ourselves was probably the best part of the training.  I learned to listen to others opinions and become more creative with the ways to help in our world.  These tips I brought back to my club so we as well could make a difference. 

I encourage everyone to join FCCLA and go to the leadership training.  It's a great way to make friendships and a perfect starting point to better the society."

Riddler Riot (november)

Riddler Riot!!! (Rules)

This year in our newsletter we will be adding a new challenge for all of Ohio FCCLA members... The Riddler Riot challenge!  The rules to this game are as follows... each months newsletter will feature a new riddle at the bottom of the page.  All members that wish to participate will have 10 days to tweet out their answer to that month's riddle with the #OhioFCCLARiddleRiots.  After the 10 days is up the first 10 people to tweet out the answers will be featured on the Ohio FCCLA social media pages as that month's winners.  At the end of the year at State Leadership Conference, the member with the most wins will win a special prize!!! 

Riddler Riot!!! (Riddle)

You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to the City of Liars always speaks lies, while the door that leads to the City of Truth always speaks the truth. You want to go to the City of Truth. What question do you ask to determine which door leads to the City of Truth?

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