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Hi everyone!

I am getting so excited to share with you my next book, for which I now have a title! It will be called Loved by the Viscount and is the fifth book in my Happily Ever After series.

I am doing a bit of a revamp of my advanced reader team. Rest assured, if you are currently on the team and have consistently reviewed my books, you will stay on the team. It would make it a bit easier for me if you are able to fill out the form as well, but if you do not, I will be sure to reach out and confirm you would like to remain with me, as I so appreciate all the time you have taken to read and review my books.

If you are not currently on the team and would like to know more about it, I’ll give you a little more info. My advanced readers receive a copy of the book about two weeks before it goes live on Amazon. The book is very close to the final version, although readers must understand that it there may be the odd typo as I complete the final version. A couple of days before the book goes live, I send a reminder link to review the book on Amazon. I also appreciate Goodreads reviews!

While you do not have to download each book I send, as I know everyone is busy, if you do download a copy, I will look for a review.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click the button below to apply! There are limited spaces, so do so soon.

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Caught in the Middle

By Karen Sommers

Some of life’s most difficult lessons are reserved for the teacher

When Linda Addams notices one of her students seems withdrawn and forlorn, she begins to worry about the girl’s home life. What she finds on the Calvert farm is a cold home presided over by an equally detached widower who barely has time for his daughter. Something has gone terribly awry in this house, but Linda’s attempts to help only bring further unhappiness. She’s left to wonder how she can possibly bring a little warmth into the life of this child and wishing she could melt the ice around the father’s heart.

Thomas Calvert is trying to start fresh. After losing his wife, and still dealing with everything she put him and their daughter through, all he wants now is to raise his girl in peace. But he doesn’t know how to be a mother. He can’t teach his daughter the skills she needs or adequately show her his love. The demands of running the ranch keep him away most of the time. He shouldn’t get upset with his girl’s teacher for trying to help, but the woman is overstepping her place and he won’t allow someone else to come in and break his little girl’s heart. In the end, though, it may be his own heart he has to worry about.

“Caught in the Middle” is a steamy western romance, and a great read for those who love second chance romance books. The books in this series are standalone romance books with happy endings and no cliffhangers. 

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