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I hope you are enjoying To the Time of the Highlander! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it is available for you in Amazon for only 99 cents. It’s also always free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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For those of you who prefer sweet and wholesome / clean romance, I have exciting news for you! I have listened to the comments and emails from you, and beginning next month, I will be re-releasing clean versions of my books. I will begin with “Hearts of Starlight,” the first in the McDougalls series. It will have a new title and a new series name, but I will be sure to note in the description which book it is, so that you don’t read the same book twice.

I am looking for people who would like to receive advance review copies of the sweet and wholesome versions. If you are interested, please let me know by replying to this email.

And for those of you who like a bit of steam, not to worry, I will continue writing those versions as well! 

Love Always,


Recommended Reads

Love's Gamble

By Emily Murdoch

Aaron Bryant inherited all the worst from his father: his temper, his name, and his gambling habit. Thrown out of the family home by his brother Jonathan, he survives one wager at a time, never finding the hope and security that Sweet Grove gave him in his youth, in the 1840s. But when he accidentally loses even the clothes on his back to a saloon owner with better looks than morals, Phoebe Vazquez has a chance through blackmailing him of gaining a life that she wanted. Yet she has secrets of her own, and she’s not willing to bet that anyone would accept her past. Will either of them learn that there’s something – or someone – out there that they do not need to gamble on, but depend on?

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Heart and Daggar

By Holland Rae

Lady Charlotte Talbot hasn’t seen Armand Rajaram de Bourbon, her oldest childhood friend and once betrothed, since his family returned to India when she was fifteen. Since then, she has left a groom at the altar, changed her name to Catalina Sol, opened a house for unwed mothers and orphans, and captained a ship, the Liberté, crewed by the best fighters in the Spanish Main. She’s no longer the lady he left behind, not that she’d admit to wishing he’d return.

When Armand’s brother is kidnapped, he breaks his rule of never engaging with pirates. But desperation drives him to the Liberté and a life he thought he’d left far behind. He’d do anything to save Henri, but Armand never expected to find Charlotte here, and now that’s he’s found her, he doesn’t have a clue what to do about it.

Together, they must face kidnapping, pirate captains, blackmail, and themselves. The Liberté may sail thousands of miles from the shores of England, but that might not be far enough to escape the past.

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The Wild Irish Girl

By C.B. Halverson

Audrey Byrnes doesn’t mind playing the wild Irish princess for London’s elite aristocracy—as long as they buy her novels. With her father’s Dublin theater in ruins and her sister’s illness growing worse, she’s the only person who can save her family from the gutter. As much as she enjoys the occasional passing dalliance, being the primary breadwinner of her Irish family means either marrying well or not at all.

Dr. Joseph Moorland knows it’s wrong to dress in disguise to hobnob with London’s high society, but he figures one night would do no harm—until he meets the charming and mysterious novelist, Audrey Byrnes. Too poor to marry, he hides his real identity until an accident reveals the truth, and what started as a mild flirtation turns to a complex game of secrets, passion, and desire.

Thrown together by circumstance, Audrey and Joseph find themselves in a tense alliance as they try to crawl their way up from their humble beginnings and into the highest echelons of the ton. But when one of the most formidable political players in London sets his sights on having Audrey for himself, she has to choose between saving her family from charges of treason or losing the man she loves forever.

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