Reduced prices for Yoga & Tantra

“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle”

― Osho

Ängsbacka, with all it's volunteers and staff, with all the space-holders and participants coming, and perhaps with You - is preparing for a transformational and heart-opening summer. All the festivals seem to be growing and expansions of the café and other facilities are under way.

Life changing summer festivals

For the 21st summer and with more participants than ever - welcome to the Ängsbacka summer magic!

Gurunam Singh at the Yoga Festival

A master of yoga and chanting

Program coordinator Lin Holmquist could hardly believe it when GURUNAM SINGH said yes to the YOGA FESTIVAL! With humour, grace and a deep resonant voice he playfully invites our heartful singing and presence. Click the link for a firey mantra.

To get a deeper sense of what will happen at the Yoga Festival, have a look at the newly published preliminary program.

Yoga Festival - Reduced Price until MAY 31

Who is giving and who is receiving?

The Wheel of Consent

Let's say you're at an Ängsbacka festival and someone offers you a back massage. Are you being given a massage or are you the one giving by allowing the other to massage you?

To clarify these dynamics, Betty Martin created the Wheel of Consent. In this 3 min video, Matthias Schwenteck, workshop leader at the Sexsibility Festival, explains the wheel.

Midsummer at Ängsbacka 21-23 June

Discover courage & playfulness

After the volunteer pre-camp, Sascha and Kasia invite all generations and genders to celebrate a magical Midsummer. There will be all kinds of dancing, gong bath, yoga, sauna, sweat lodge, children's activities and another exclusive performance from Ragnaröken Theater.

We are delighted to be joined once again by HBTQ Spirit. They offer a meeting place for gay, bi, trans and queer people who are interested in health and personal development.

Sexsibility Festival 26 June - 1 July

More women please! ❤

The tickets for MEN are now SOLD OUT!  

There has been a lot of interest, especially among the men, for the 10 year anniversary of Sexsibility Festival. Tickets only available to women or mixed-gender couples/friends that book the festival together.

Tantra Festival 31 July - 5 Aug

"We Choose Life"

An inspirational song with lyrics and vocals by Tantra Festival artist Fredrik Swahn and Lin Holmquist. The festival theme is LOVE REVOLUTION - We Choose LOVE. How do your choices of life and love manifest themselves?

This year we've added an extra workshop space for everyone that's discovering Europe's biggest Tantra Festival at Ängsbacka!

Tantra Reduced Price until 15 June

Last summer was great and this summer is going to be even better. We are not only saying it, concrete improvements for this year include:

  • Volunteer support: 3 full-time ALL summer volunteer coordinators.
  • Work area support: Festival Office for removing obstacles in the workflows. 
  • More dorms, indoors and outdoors.
  • Twice as many showers.
  • The Glass Palace - a new volunteer hangout with it's own fireplace.
Come as a festival volunteer

Easier coffee access

Café extension for hot drinks, smoothies and ice cream

The smoothie bar is expanding into a bigger outdoor café serving spot with a cosy café tent right below. Easier for families and shorter lines for everyone. Hooray!

Board member wanted

Do you know business economy and wish to contribute to Ängsbacka

There is a need for a board member who will have an overview over Ängsbacka's financial side. Does this sound like you? Email Per at

New ride share system

Travelling together is more economic, sustainable and can be a great way of connecting. Join the Facebook group Carpooling around festivals & courses @ Ängsbacka for sharing rides.

Courses May to September

Tantric Dating

Attracting, Connecting & Meeting. Are you longing to meet men and women in a conscious and honest way? 

with John Cooper & Lin Holmquist

31 May - 3 June

Tantra heart immersion

Discovering how to receive more love and discovering the secrets to manifesting love in our relationship and communities.

with Kobi & Anna Maria

6-10 August

Ista training level 1

A deeply spiritual, sexual and shamanic experience. Emotional release, aspecting, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming.

With Rex Mc Cann, Kamala Devi & Dawn Cheri

6-12 August

The Gift of Womanhood

Recognize, verbalize, acknowledge and transform negative patterns, habits and life choices with ones that will serve, support and empower us as women and sisters.

With Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

1-9 September

Wild Spirit

Contemporary Therapy – Ancestral rituals – Wisdom of the Heart.
Re-establish your inner balance and create the setting for a complete process for awakening. 

With Kalid

19-23 September

Skrivande och Kärlek

Vänta inte på inspirationen, skriv som om du redan har den. Mer info på Ängsbackas hemsida kommer. Läs mer på:

With Bob Hansson

25-30 September

Krigarens Väg

Upplevelsebaserat lärande med grund i Native American Medicine. Lämna gamla mönster och förnya dig till full styrka, frihet och aliveness (in Swedish)

Med Daniel Ekholm.

25-30 September
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