Coffee Break Newsletter - June 2017

Sahar Huneidi-Plamer

Dear All,

It has been a long while since my last newsletter to you. The truth is I have been side-tracked by life - in a good way. I truly believe, as you will read in my article “How being stuck can be a meaningful experience”, that when the wind doesn’t blow in the right direction – it’s time to reflect and change directions!

So, I made some time in order to learn few things that I have been meaning to do for some time. Amongst other subjects, I learnt how to use social media platforms more effectively.As you scroll down, you will see a new look to, which was originally launched in 2004, and two new blogs: the first,, is about personal resilience – a subject that I am passionate about particularity during the seemingly turbulent times we are living in. The second is,; a family blog about how to live a holistic life.

Moreover, I have also started writing a self-help book entitled “Ketheric Well-being™: The Four Dimensions of Change”, which is about a self-development system teaching personal resilience - the culmination of my work’s experience. This has inspired me to develop a new online course on personal resilience, which builds on my previous face-to-face session; which I hope I will be to do in the autumn.

My aim has been always been to offer as much support as I can, by imparting my knowledge and experience to my clients through my writing, as well as through personal sessions. You can read more articles on my Facebook pages, as well as my posts on LinkedIn.

I have also learnt about using essential oils in everyday life, to support health and well-being and started making my own products for my own personal use.

There is more work to be done. However, I hope that you will enjoy exploring, reading, and learning from these new platforms. Below are some of the recent articles. Please feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe, or forward this newsletter to friends and family.

Love and light,

Sahar. I

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Easy Harmony, by Sahar Huneidi

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