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Last Week's Poll Results

You have spoken, and I shall obey! Since it was pretty close between Weekly and Whatever, I will try to have my Whenevers on a weekly basis. From now on, you will get updates and spiffy stuff every Friday.

Thank you so much for voting!

Changes In My Writing

You are the best, so I want you to know first when I have a change of heart or a change in plans. Being bipolar and having anxiety disorders, change is hard for me, but sometimes it needs to happen.

What's changing? Well, I have Mage of Legend and its sequel, Dragon Court finished and soon to head off to my editor. These two novels are M/M (Male/Male) Fantasy Romance set in the Kings of Kal'brath universe. I'll be publishing them apart from the series. The Duology is titled Dragon Highlands. Ka'lei and Morough show up in Dragon Court, so it still has strong ties to the main series.

But, that isn't much of a change. I already let you know that I'll be weaning off the Heterosexual Fantasy Romance and going strictly M/M Fantasy Romance. So, what's the major change?

Starting now, I will be working exclusively on The God Jars Trilogy. Book one, Duty and Sacrifice is finished, and I am part of the way done with book two, Sword and Shield (title may change). I would like to get these books done before July, August at the latest. All three are going to be approximately 150,000 words each (about 540 pages if the book is 5in w x 8in h). To give you an idea of how large that is, Race Against the Dark (if you have read it yet), is approximately 94,000 words (about 360 pages). The God Jars Trilogy is much larger than I am used to writing, and much more involved.

Writing blocks are inevitable, so when I get stuck, I will, of course, write in the Kings of Kal'brath Universe. I have several stories in various stages of completion. Right now Exile and Ivari are at the top of my list. Climbing Shadetree (Finished), Exile (name may change), and Ivari will be a cross between Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Fantasy Romances because they are set in the Kings of Kal'brath Universe, but in the far future (2199 to 2241 AD) with what I think is appropriately advanced technology. All three will have gay pairings.

When The God Jars books are finished and ready to be sent to my editor, I will start working on the last three books in the main series. However, I promise to write the occasional side story in that Universe, because I love it so much.

Seeking First Readers!

Now that I got the changes off my chest, I wanted to talk to you about something else! I know this is getting obscenely long, but I wanted to ask you first.

I am looking for 5 people to be my first readers. Not beta readers, but people to read my first drafts and give me honest thoughts. Things like what you felt worked or didn't work and why, places where you wanted to skim, and general, overall thoughts. I write pretty clean first drafts, but there may be the occasional typo or wrong word used. These will be unedited first drafts.

I'd like to get to know you first before I choose someone, so there will need to be some rapport between us before I make the final decision on my First Reader Group.

If you are interested, please reply to this email and let me know, and we can start chatting! I can't wait to get to know you better.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

All the best,

Jennifer Amriss
Dragon Overlord

P.S. Race Against the Dark is now FREE on all retailers. If you know anyone who likes Fantasy Romance, tell them to check it out!