“it is in the commitment to trust
that mountains begin to move.
it is in the commitment to love,
that walls begin to crumble,
and it is in the commitment to one's self
that worlds unimagined begin to become real.”

i wrote the quote above some years ago. and today i suddenly find it shouting to me!

i think it is the combination of getting married in the fall and also recently thinking about my sister in law who we lost some years back - i think between the two things, a flame inside me has been fanned. and i can really feel it burning. and the quote above really really fits right now.

i'm finding it odd that i've been with this man for years and years and years and yet, deciding to get married has made me really wanna kinda polish my heart up so that i offer the best that i can on my wedding day. seems like i shoulda been  feeling that all along. and i thought i had been. but there's a bit of an urgency now where i really want to hurdle a couple of things before that day. 

at the same time, thinking of my sister in law who died way too young five years ago, it's really really hitting me that even if we're lucky enough to get old, it's way too short a time, isn't it?!

some things take a lifetime or more to work thru. some things don't. and i wanna grab the things that don't and see what i can do with them. i wanna get some of those lingering strings lying around and wind them up and at least get things a bit tidier inside. anyone wanna do some heart cleaning with me?!  i'm pretty sure i'll be traveling thru this with blogs and images that i'll be posting all over the place. come join me and we can clean together! ......terri

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