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Dear Friends,

Hoping that you all had a fabulous time during the holidays!

We are starting the New Year with some incredible savings for you and while supplies last. We will try our very best to have enough for everybody.

Something for her or for him or for them to have some fun and keep the heat on in the cold of winter.

For SHE for HE for YOU for ME - Pleasure Island… if you know our jingle you know this phrase :-)

O Clitoral Pleasure Gel
As most women will attest to, clitoral stimulation is absolutely
key to reaching orgasm. This fantastic stimulating gel from O'My intensifies sensation to that all-important erogenous zone, and will greatly enhance sexual response.
4oz tube Reg. Price $17.99

NOW ONLY $8.99

LYVIA Massage Oil

Mimosa……Reminiscent of a summer night
Seeking new sources of inspiration, our line for the body Lyvia was designed to serve and revive the pleasure of the senses. Scent: Orange/Vanilla
250ml bottle Reg. Price $19.99

NOW ONLY $9.99


Intimate Ring Stretchy Erection Enhancer

A supple crystal-clear ring featuring a sexy upstanding ridge of texture, the Intimate Ring adds tons of stimulation while holding steady to help maintain an impressive and supported erection.
Reg. Price $10.99

NOW ONLY $5.99

8 Function Sweetheart Vibe in Pleasure Kiss

Featuring a super-sexy texture at its purposeful swollen tip, the Pleasure Kiss Sweetheart vibe fully surrounds sweet spots inside or out- it's seriously perfect for g-spotting and targeted external play.
Reg.Price $24.99

NOW ONLY $12.99

Vulcan Vibrating Wet Mouth Masturbator

Enhanced with optional vibration and creatively contained in a discreet, nondescript canister that very effectively hides a soft, amazingly lifelike stroker sleeve.
Reg. Price $29.99

NOW ONLY $14.99

Toy Tip

You might not know, but they are out there:

Female Condoms

A female condom is a liner worn in the vagina or anus to prevent semen from entering a woman's body. Female condoms are usually made of polyurethane or latex. Female condoms are 95% effective when used correctly and consistently for preventing pregnancy and STIs, including HIV.

Fun Fact

As an orgasm becomes imminent in a woman, the vagina decreases in size by as much as 30%. This contraction is most likely to help increase the sensitivity felt by the woman as she climaxes into the orgasm.

Joke of the Month

What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?

One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year.

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