An autumn of many colurs - Tantra, Åsa Kullberg, Bob Hansson, Praful and more

An autumn of many colours

A wedding, three shamanic courses, a Conscious Parenting Festival with 30+ even more conscious children... And now, this weekend we welcome 100 men for the sold out Nordic Men's Gathering. What more is possible?

New event: De-armouring Training

27 Nov - 6 Dec 

with De’an Matuka, Sanna Sanita & Susanne Roursgaard.

A unique combination of workshop and training. Learn to release emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body, mind and soul in a healthy, loving and safe way. Read more here!

Conscious Parenting - A new festival was born!

"I stopped worrying so much about being a good mother!" / Ana.
Life is not just about yourself.” / Cornelius.

Read more impressions from the Conscious Parenting Festival, and the deepening course with Naomi Aldort in Isabelle's blog.

Enjoy our rich autumn program!

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom

with Åsa Kullberg

A ceremonial process to reconnect to the sacredness of who you are as a sensual and sexual human being, and Integrate spirituality and sexuality as a natural part of life. 

26-29 Oct – Read more here!

Stora medicinhjulet

Shamansk healingutbildning i inka-tradition med Victor Forselius.

Vandra genom medicinhjulets fyra väderstreck. Lär dig styra din energi, hela emotionella sår och transformera begränsande tankar.

Modul 1: 14-19 Nov

The Zen Way of Coaching

With Kåre Landfald. Part 1 of the certified Zen Coaching training.

Zen Coaching 7-12 Nov

Skrivande och Kärlek

Skrivarkurs med Bob Hansson - inspirerande, berörande och kul!

Bob Hansson 23-26 Nov

Tantra - Pleasure and Healing

Lorenzo Stiernquist & Peter Stridsberg

Connecting to ourselves, exploring intimacy, and healing what is blocking our natural state of love and pleasure.

9-12 Nov

Deep Union - Couples Tantra

with Smrati Skog. 

A safe space to get in touch with your needs and longings – and expressing them to your partner to deepen your intimate connection.

7-10 Dec

The Way to Inner Stillness
Silent meditation retreat.
8-11 Dec. 

Ecovillage Design Education
(EDE) Design for sustainability. 
8 Feb - 11 Mar 2018.

Praful and Vimal are coming for New Year

We are very proud to welcome Praful & Vimal back to Ängsbacka. Praful will take us on journeys with his magical music, and together with Vimal they will invite us to healing sounds and healing touch.

Book your ticket here, or sign up as a volunteer!

Ängsbacka tipsar


Med Rob Hopkins. Tema: Globala mål – lokala lösningar.

6-8 Oct - Växjö

Zen Coaching - Kåre Landfald

Kvällsseminarium i Stockholm. Healing and Transformation.

13 Oct

The Man Kind Project

Kraftfull mansretreat på Mundekulla Kursgård i Småland

13-15 Oct
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Lin knocks the socks off Filip & Fredrik

Ängsbacka now hosts the biggest Tantra festival in Europe! Our program coordinator Lin Holmquist went on TV to share the full power and passion of tantra. And it all went a little shaky ;)

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