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31 July 2017


AAMT has commenced its search for a new Chief Executive Officer, to take up the position in 2018 when present CEO Will Morony retires.

For details about the position and how to apply go to the News Section of the AAMT website.

Independent review into Regional, Rural and Remote education

The Australian Government has commissioned an independent review into regional, rural and remote education which will consider the key challenges and barriers that impact on students’ learning outcomes.

To read the recently released Discussion Paper and to find out how to contribute to the Review, please go to https://www.education.gov.au/independent-review-regional-rural-and-remote-education

Teachers schools are encouraged to make a submission;  members can also send their thoughts to feedback@aamt.edu.au if they wish to contribute to AAMT's submission.

Special deal for AAMT members from Pivot

The AAMT has negotiated a special deal with Pivot Professional Learning to help AAMT members gather insights on their teaching effectiveness and their students' learning dispositions in maths.  Pivot’s flagship student survey tool has been designed by teaching experts based on research and feedback. 

The Semester 2 offer is for a survey cycle with up to 10 free Pivot licences in each school (which must include maths teachers). Each participating teacher will receive a confidential results report, and the Maths Head of Department and other school leaders will also receive aggregated result reports for the school, broken down by department and year level.  The deal includes access to Pivot’s applications for self-assessment, classroom observations and goal setting, along with their extensive resources library to help inform your professional learning.

Contact dana@pivotpl.com to register for this special deal or go to www.pivotpl.com for more information.

International award to Australian initiative in Statistical Literacy

The International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) has announced that the Best Cooperative Project Award for 2017 has gone to Australia's National Schools' Poster Competition.

Congratulations to Peter Howley and his team!

This national initiative in Australia has involved collaboration between university academics, national societies (Statistical Society of Australia and CSIRO), industry professionals, schools, media experts and sponsors (SAS, Teacher’s Mutual Bank, RDA Hunters’ ME Program), with additional support from the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training.

The Best Cooperative Project Award in Statistical Literacy is awarded every two years, in recognition of outstanding, innovative, and influential statistical literacy projects that affect a broad segment of the general public.

You can read more at https://iase-web.org/islp/Competitions.php?p=Best_Cooperative_Project_2017

International Mathematics Olympiad

Congratulations to Australia's IMO team. A young team with much potential, their results from the 2017 IMO in Brazil can be found at https://www.imo-official.org/results.aspx

[featured resource] Really Big Numbers

Richard Evan Schwartz

Start with the number one and then move on to millions then to billions then to nonillions then to googols and then to plexes. Each page is a bright, colourful and quirky graphic with accompanying text. The author not only explains really big numbers but illustrates them with interesting and unusual examples. A book that explores exponential notation, the logic behind naming of numbers and the sheer fascination of numbers so big that they are difficult to imagine.

#EUR001 $37.50 * AAMT members $30.00 *


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